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What is ChessKidTV?

ChessKidTV is a FREE video product devoted to exploring the fun aspects of the royal game! Plenty of practical instruction is mixed in, as well. New shows air at regularly scheduled times on the ChessKid TV page (found in the Learn menu). 

Learn More About Our Shows:

We currently hold one show per week: one with MusicCityMaster and one with FunMasterMike (the air time changes slightly but it usually in the early evening in the Eastern time zone). To watch at the correct time, make sure to check your time zone! The posted times are EST (Eastern Standard Time), GMT -5. 

Show Title               Air Time
hamster running in a pink wheel   In the PinkHamster's Wheel         

No longer airing    

  Keeping Up the Tempo with MusicCityMaster Thursday evenings, bi-weekly

  Your Games Analyed with FunMasterMike

Wednesday evenings, bi-weekly

Watch Our Past Events:
Find below links to past events held on ChessKid TV.

            Event NameAir Date           


US  u8 Invitational Championship
US u12 Invitational Championship   

June 8-10, 2012

2013 US Invitational Championship

June 14-17, 2013