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Your own Gold Membership is FREE when you signup a child!


Online Lessons

Improve quickly with full access to our online lessons! Basics get only beginner lessons.

Instructional Videos

Gain access to our library of full length video lessons. Basic members see only short samples.

Endless Puzzles

Solving puzzles is the fastest way to improve your game! Basic members get 3/day.

More Training Positions

Practice winning won games against the computer! Gold members get access to all positions.

Unlimited Tournaments

Play in as many tournaments as you want! Basic members are limited to 1 tournament at a time.

Lifetime Game Archive

Gold Members have unlimited access to past games! Basic Members have only 30 days history.

More Stats & Ratings

See your progress graph and win/loss charts. You can also see other players' stats.

Create Clubs

Parent/Coach Gold members can create clubs - ideal for managing a group of kids or students!

Gold Star

Show your support with a Gold Star next to your name!