More On Isolated Pawns
  • More On Isolated Pawns

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 30, 2016 4611 views 8 min
  • Isolated pawns are a very important part of chess strategy, and FM Mike Klein is here to teach you everything you need to know about these pawns without neighbors on either file. While isolated pawns can lead to some exciting attacks in the middlegame, they are often big weaknesses later in the game, and FunMasterMike explains exactly how to destroy them. Learn why you should usually avoid these isolated pawn structures, and the exception to this rule.
Destroying The Defender
  • Destroying The Defender

  • Simon Williams 1 Jan 23, 2016 4981 views 7 min
  • GM Simon Williams shows his disdain for defenders when they get in the way of his attack. If you have “double power” in a line on the chessboard, it’s time to look for ways to remove any defender guarding your target square. You can safely give up as much material as you want, as long as you expose the enemy king and checkmate him.
Pawn Breakthroughs On The Wing
  • Pawn Breakthroughs On The Wing

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 16, 2016 5469 views 8 min
  • What’s the best place to break your pawns through to the end of the board? The wing, says FM Mike Klein. it’s so valuable to get a pawn to score a touchdown, it’s worth giving some other pawns away — and often this is the key to victory. Can you solve the tricky — and the most famous — beginners’ pawn endgame puzzle? Find out in this fun lesson.
Deflecting The Defender
  • Deflecting The Defender

  • Simon Williams 1 Jan 2, 2016 7744 views 9 min
  • You want to attack in chess, but your opponent has defenses. What can you do? GM Simon Williams teaches you an important way to break through defense in chess — by deflecting the guard away from its post. Learn how to use this powerful tactic to distract the enemy king’s guardians and move in for the checkmate.
Carissa's World Youth Championship: vs Colombia
  • Carissa's World Youth Championship: vs Colombia

  • Carissa Yip 1 Dec 26, 2015 6246 views 5 min
  • NM Carissa Yip is back with a lesson from one of her games in this year’s world youth chess championship. Learn from one of the greatest young chess prodigies in America in this thorough video that shows you how NM Yip approaches all phases of the game. Think you can solve tactics like Carissa? Try the puzzles in the related links.
King Of Puzzles: vs MasterEthan
  • King Of Puzzles: vs MasterEthan

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 19, 2015 8567 views 7 min
  • FM Mike Klein plays his final game against a ChessKid puzzles contest winner, closing out the series with a tilt against “MasterEthan.” See how Ethan does against FunMasterMike in a Scotch game, an enjoyable opening to play for both sides. Watch how FM Mike almost lost the game before he thought better. Don’t forget to try your hand at the ChessKid puzzles in the related links.
King Of Puzzles: vs HulkingHunter
  • King Of Puzzles: vs HulkingHunter

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 12, 2015 8759 views 8 min
  • FM Mike Klein is back with the second game against a ChessKid puzzles contest winner, this time taking on HulkingHunter in a Russian Game. Learn how FunMasterMike pried open the center of the board to reach a great endgame very quickly. This game is all about solid technique, so be sure to pay attention. Don’t forget to try out the ChessKid puzzles yourself in the related links.
FunMasterMike Plays Puzzle Winner Will
  • FunMasterMike Plays Puzzle Winner Will

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 5, 2015 9069 views 8 min
  • What was the prize for winning the ChessKid puzzles contest? You got to play a game with the legend himself, FM Mike Klein. Watch as FunMasterMike takes on Will, the first puzzles winner, and learn how important is to look an extra move ahead. Be sure to try the ChessKid puzzles yourself in the related links.
Queen And Knight Battering Rams
  • Queen And Knight Battering Rams

  • Simon Williams 1 Nov 28, 2015 10899 views 8 min
  • GM Simon Williams is back with more fun lessons on the damage you can do in chess when you just point your pieces at the same square. Learn how the queen and knight work together to form a unique and dangerous combo. These two pieces team up to control a huge swath of key squares and can demolish the enemy king.
More Secrets Of The Battering Ram
  • More Secrets Of The Battering Ram

  • Simon Williams 1 Nov 21, 2015 10126 views 7 min
  • GM Williams continues his lesson on chess battering rams, which are powerful ways to smash through to your opponent’s king and send him packing. Find out the best way to coordinate your pieces to work together in this fun video.
Secrets Of The Battering Ram
  • Secrets Of The Battering Ram

  • Simon Williams 1 Nov 14, 2015 12551 views 7 min
  • How do you break through to win in a chess game? Use a battering ram. GM Simon Williams makes his ChessKid video debut with a fun lesson on this important chess weapon. Learn how to burst through to the opponent’s castled king and deliver checkmate with Simon’s battering ram.
Good And Bad Pieces
  • Good And Bad Pieces

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 7, 2015 8713 views 8 min
  • All chess pieces start out on the same squares, but once the game begins it’s up to you to make them good or bad. If you notice your opponent has bad pieces, look for opportunities to attack! FM Mike Klein explains what makes a piece good, and gives you important tips on how to get the most out of your chess pieces.
How To Plan
  • How To Plan

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 31, 2015 15014 views 8 min
  • Hey, what’s your plan, ChessKids? FM Mike Klein gives you three important things to focus on in all your chess games: checks, captures, and threats. Let FunMasterMike teach you why should never make a move without looking for these three forcing ideas.
Calculating Tactics
  • Calculating Tactics

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 24, 2015 13209 views 8 min
  • When is a chess player like a calculator? Well, hopefully, all the time. FM Mike Klein explains how to calculate in your games, which is the most important skill to have in chess. Learn how to use the clues of the chessboard to solve tactical puzzles you might not have seen otherwise.
Carissa's Master Puzzles
  • Carissa's Master Puzzles

  • Carissa Yip 1 Oct 21, 2015 9943 views 5 min
  • National Master Carisa Yip is back with some more of her favorite chess puzzles for you to solve. This time, the puzzles are positional studies by the chess author Jacob Aagaard. Yes, that’s a lot of A’s. Hopefully you can get an A on these puzzles too if you try hard.
Opening The Center
  • Opening The Center

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 14, 2015 12967 views 8 min
  • What’s the fastest way to blast open the chessboard and use a lead in development? Opening the center. Learn from one of the rarest occasions in chess: a FunMasterMike mistake where he didn’t play this powerful strategy.
Your Opponent's Move!
  • Your Opponent's Move!

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 10, 2015 11510 views 8 min
  • What’s the one thing that turns an average chess player into a real chess master? Focusing on the opponent’s moves! FM Mike Klein gives you one of the most important lessons of your chess career today in this video that teaches you exactly how to stop your opponent’s threats.
King Activity
  • King Activity

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 3, 2015 11696 views 7 min
  • Most of the time, your king has to hide away safely. But in the endgame, the king becomes a fierce warrior on his own. FM Mike Klein shows you the awesome power of an active king late in the game.
  • Outposts

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 26, 2015 11846 views 8 min
  • What’s a good place to put your piece? An outpost. FM Mike Klein explains what outposts mean and why they are so strong. If you start looking for outposts in your games, your pieces will thank you!
Strong And Weak Pawns
  • Strong And Weak Pawns

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 23, 2015 10544 views 7 min
  • When is a pawn a super hero? FunMasterMike shows you three ways that pawns can be as strong as any piece on the board. But the fun doesn’t end there. FM Klein also teaches you the exact opposite, when pawns are weaklings. Watch this video to make sure your pawns are as powerful as they can be.