Opening Traps: More Scholar's Mate!
  • Opening Traps: More Scholar's Mate!

  • David Petty Jul 4, 2015 2098 views 12 min
  • Last time, ChessKid coach David Petty introduced you to scholar’s mate, and showed you how to stop it when White plays his bishop out first. But what do you do when White aggressively moves his queen on move two? Never worry. Coach Petty has the answer you need to stop this crude threat. Learn all about how to defend against these common checkmating attempts.
King To King Opposition
  • King To King Opposition

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 1, 2015 2672 views 9 min
  • What happens when two kings face off? It’s opposition. FM Mike Klein explains the opposition, one of the most important endgame concepts in all of chess. Learn how to use your king to control critical squares and help a pawn promote — all with this one idea, the opposition.
Opening Traps: The Scholar's Mate!
  • Opening Traps: The Scholar's Mate!

  • David Petty Jun 27, 2015 3829 views 7 min
  • It’s the oldest chess trick in the book — but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to know how to stop it! ChessKid coach David Petty shows you the scholar’s mate, which is by far the most common mating attack in the chess beginner’s arsenal. Learn how to defend against this rudimentary threat, and explore the related themes of weak squares on f7 and f2.
The Great Pawn Race
  • The Great Pawn Race

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 24, 2015 4293 views 9 min
  • Are you ready for a race? FM Mike Klein gives you a fun lesson on pawn races, which are the key to many important endgames. Learn how to know if you’re winning or losing the race, and when a special trick can change the result — just like in the movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”
Phases Of The Game
  • Phases Of The Game

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 20, 2015 4214 views 7 min
  • Did you know chess games have phases? FM Mike Klein teaches you the three phases of chess: the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. Learn what you should do in each phase in this fun lesson.
When To Trade Pieces: To Defend Yourself!
  • When To Trade Pieces: To Defend Yourself!

  • Amanda Mateer Jun 17, 2015 4451 views 12 min
  • One of the most important reasons to trade pieces is to defend yourself. In chess, you can’t win without protecting your own army, and sometimes trading pieces is the best way to do that. WFM Amanda Mateer gives you a must-watch lesson on trading pieces in self-defense.
The Chess Piece Who Swallowed A Fly: Bonus!
  • The Chess Piece Who Swallowed A Fly: Bonus!

  • IM Daniel Rensch Jun 13, 2015 5672 views 8 min
  • Are you ready for a bonus video on the chess piece who swallowed a fly? IM Daniel Rensch is back with another look at how your own pieces can block in your chess army — but this time with a twist. Learn when it is OK to “swallow a fly” (in chess, not real life!) when it achieves a greater goal on the 64 squares.
When To Trade Pieces: Remove The Defender!
  • When To Trade Pieces: Remove The Defender!

  • Amanda Mateer Jun 10, 2015 4863 views 10 min
  • So when should you trade your pieces? WFM Amanda Mateer continues her series with two of her favorite reasons to trade material: to remove a crucial defender, or to create a specific weakness. You must understand these two important ways to gain an winning advantage in chess, so watch closely.
The Italian Game
  • The Italian Game

  • IM Daniel Rensch Jun 6, 2015 7799 views 10 min
  • IM Daniel Rensch teaches you one of the most fun beginner and intermediate openings, the Italian. Learn the tips and tricks you need to win on both sides of this classic opening. Watch to the end to find out how IM Rensch recommends you play against the smelly Fried Liver Attack.
King And Rook Mate!
  • King And Rook Mate!

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 3, 2015 6808 views 7 min
  • Checkmating with a king and rook against a lone king is one of those basic checkmates every chess player must know by heart. FM Mike Klein explains exactly how to do this mate, teaching you every move you need to win the game.