• Learn & play chess

  • with kids from around the world.

  • Fun for
  • Kids
  • Play kids around the world
  • Play as much as you want
  • Learn from puzzles and videos
The videos are funny and I learn a lot from them. I spend a lot of time doing puzzles and it makes me a better chess player. - Kid, 7
  • Smart for
  • Parents
  • ChessKid is safe Safety Policy
  • Chess improves memorization and IQ
  • Turn online time into learning time
I love ChessKid because my kids are safe and having smart fun. They love playing play kids from around the world. - Matt, Palo Alto, CA
  • Easy for
  • Coaches
  • Tools to manage your Club
  • Organize tournaments and activities
  • Teaching materials support coaching
I've been looking for years for a site like this where the kids in my chess club can enjoy chess online. You've done it! - Bruce, Richmond, VA