About ChessKid

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Welcome to ChessKid!

ChessKid.com is owned and managed by Chess.com LLC - the #1 chess site online and a group of dedicated programmers and chess players & teachers. 


What is ChessKid?

ChessKid is dedicated to being a safe place for kids to learn and play chess. Our priorities include:

#1 Stay Safe

No contact with strangers. Parents can manage their kids access and friendships online and monitor all of their activity.

#2 Learn & Improve

Discover the rules and strategies of chess! Improve your game, memorization skills, patience, and sportsmanship!

#3 Play & Have Fun

Free online games with other kids from around the world! Enjoy tournaments & club matches too!


Meet the Team

Meet the Staff that work daily to make ChessKid fun and safe for everyone.


Carey - President of ChessKid


Christine - Director of ChessKid.com Product & Marketing

I reach out to schools and youth organizations across the country & around the world - to introduce them to ChessKid.com and show how their students can learn and connect through chess. If you work with a large scholastic program, I'm here to help get your program organized, active, and make ChessKid.com easy to use. I'm also lucky to represent ChessKid.com in person at on-site events and tournaments. Stop by & say hi!

Michelle - Director of Marketing & Client Relations

Knowing that playing chess helps children develop the 21st century skills they need in this fast-paced world, I hope to make chess as accessible to them as possible. I love connecting with coaches, teachers, schools & districts around the world to help with getting their program started on ChessKid.com. I'm here to help you implement ChessKid.com into your program, show you how to get your kids active, and to offer support and guidance every step of the way!  


Tessa - Director of Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Hi, my name is Tessa! I am in charge of the ChessKid.com social media posts and conversations. My job is to stay connected with chess education and Chess Kids around the world in order to share info, pictures, and news that will benefit teachers, coaches, and parents of ChessKids. As a professional singer-songwriter, I spend the rest of my time performing and making music in whatever ways I can. Which reminds me, I also get to write/sing parody songs about chess.

Naomi - Support Specialist

I am here to handle any account issues or customer support needs. ChessKid.com, Chess.com, and my kiddo are my life and it's wonderful!

IM Daniel Rensch - Vice President of Content

Try to say "I do chess for a living..." and not smile. You can't. It's impossible. Seriously, I'm the luckiest guy in the room: A Chess Professional who somehow managed to turn his love and knowledge of the game into the best job in the world! Though I don't play much actual chess myself these days, I'm proud to be the guy in charge of all the chess content you enjoy here. I take every chance I get to record videos and host Chess/TV shows myself, but "in between sets", I'm fortunate to work with an amazing team of amazing people doing amazing things.Love the wife. Love the kids. Love the life.

FM Mike Klein - Director of Content

FM stands for Fun Master. My favorite chess piece is the pencil on the scoresheet. I like writing about chess more than playing in tournaments, and Chess.com weirdly allows this blasphemous mindset. I'll take it! I report on tournaments, do live commentary, edit lots of videos and articles, and keep Chesskid.com running smoothly. I'm like a slightly older, less loquacious, lower-rated version of Danny. I like to travel, play tennis, bike, and play with my kitten, Ipso Facto.

NM Sam Copeland - Content Editor & Lessons

It's my great pleasure to help with lessons and computer workouts on ChessKid.com. If you find a mistake, it's probably my fault. You'll also find me representing ChessKid.com at local and national scholastic events; drop by and say hi! In my hometown, I run after school chess programs, and it is the best feeling in the world to help make tools I get to use every day.



Bojan - Lead Programmer

I'm working every day to make ChessKid.com more and more amazing, and I'm happy to be a member of such a great team! I love to play soccer and I'm playing it from my age of 8, in last 14 years I'm an active player of a local club. Besides sports, I like to travel and visit new places and learn about cultures, hang out with friends, watch a good movie or tv show for relaxing.


Rafa - Programmer

After playing chess on Chess.com for some years, I started to work for ChessKid.com as frontend developer... and I'm so happy! I really enjoy making our page look awesome and helping those little masters to improve their chess skills. I've also been a musician for more than the half of my life - a drummer, percussionist, music producer and DJ. I live in Berlin, where I have several music projects with my friends, rock and electronic ones. My life swings between my work at Chess.com and my music. Chess, love and rock'n'roll!

Rodrigo - Programmer

I work on developing ChessKid, improving the site and adding new features! For fun, I like to learn a little about everything, play and watch soccer, and travel to chess tournaments with my love Vanessa. We met at a local chess club here in Miami and now we have a lovely family.

Ivan - Programmer

I work on developing new features, the biggest one for sure so far is to enable ChessKid to be translated into multiple languages.  I like to play all kinds of sports, mostly basketball, tennis, handball etc, and also like to travel a lot and party.

Tyler - Quality Assurance

I'm here as one who tests our new features, submits bug reports, and read your feedback and comments in the feedback forums. If you ever find a bug, it's obvious that I missed it in my testing, so please let me know so I can get it fixed. :) When I'm not working, I’m an aspiring computer programmer and spend time with my family and two dogs.