ChessKid at Texas Championships

FM FunMasterMike Feb 18, 2014 7513 reads
FunMasterMike and PoppaBear threw on their cowboy boots earlier this month at the 2014 Texas State Scholastic Championship in Houston. We showed off the cool new features of (like site awards and chess lessons!) to the more than 1,000 Lone Star chess players.

Little did we know how many strong chess players there are in Texas! There are huge groups of kids playing in areas around Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, and most of all, Brownsville.

In addition to us regulars, three-time Texas High School Champion and National Master Alex Chua joined us. He analyzes games with a contemplative fury (does that even make sense?). Alex goes by the name "HighLama" on ChessKid - look for a few videos of his soon, and also at the Elementary Nationals in Dallas in May!

The kids were super excited to see the legendary PoppBear back in analysis action. ChessKid analyzed games for free for 12 hours each day! You know what it's time for: Pintown, population: you!

In case PoppaBear was going to fast for you, here's the game in all of it's glory! Remember his advice. Options = power. Power = Better tactics. Also his "pro tip": don't en passant if you get mated next move!

Let's also recognize the "analyzer extraordinaire, the HighLama himself! He was a machine - he must have reviewed 100 games in two days! If you love some Lama, there is good news - he'll be back to help out at the Elementary Nationals, May 9-11 in Dallas.

FunMasterMike also dispensed some wisdom in Texas. How does chess compare to eating a pie? Listen and find out!

Let's close with more of everyone's favorite - PoppBear and the Fried Liver!

Three chess teachers for the price of zero? That's the beauty of ChessKid on location!