ChessKid For Homeschools

IM Daniel Rensch Sep 14, 2015 27139 reads

Supplementing any homeschooling program with the tools and resources of will create a flexible, fun, creative, and intuitive way to learn the game of chess.

Though ChessKid does offer school districts and teachers a complete course that is vertically aligned with the Common Core curriculum, we also offer a FREE "do-it-yourself" curriculum guide to learning and teaching the game, with no imposed standards of any kind. 


ChessKid at a homeschool cooperative:

I’ve been using the curriculum to teach chess at a homeschool cooperative for a few years and more recently for a larger community youth chess club. It provides a great, structured way to help the kids learn and progress in chess. 

The kids were winning trophies in the beginner sections of local tournaments within six weeks of learning how to play, but I needed a way for them to practice more at home in order to become strong rated players.  

One year ago, I purchased a batch of memberships and added the online content to our program. Within several months, our kids were winning the open sections at local tournaments. Our kids collectively raised their ratings almost 4,000 points in one year!  I don’t know how I would structure and run a large club without ChessKid!


Homeschool Mom and Chess Coach.


Starting out ChessKid in homeschool:

ChessKid has helped my five-year-old son in so many different ways. He was thrilled and it was a wonderful lesson for him that if you practice and put in the effort, you can succeed. ChessKid was instrumental in him gaining confidence, and helping him to love chess more. I regularly recommend ChessKid to people who comment on him playing chess. Thank you, ChessKid.


Homeschool Mom.


ChessKid for the whole family:

I love ChessKid because it gives my boys that 'gaming fix' while also increasing their critical thinking skills. We got ChessKid for our 10 year old and he enjoys it so much that the 4 year old has taken a big interest in Chess and actually has a bigger knowledge of the game than I do (his mother)! WOW! We will continue to use this program and recommend it.

—Cassie R.

Co-Op Member.


ChessKid as a great value:

ChessKid has been one of the best purchases our family has made thus far. We had the option of doing a chess class at our homeschool co-op for $25 a month, and I feel this far surpasses the class at a fraction of the cost. Two of our boys have improved so much in just the past month of using ChessKid. Our entire family has learned rules that we didn't know existed. Love that our kids get to play online in a safe environment and learn in such a fun manner.

—M. Carpenito

Co-Op Member.



ChessKid as a way to practice with other kids:

My son began chess classes about a year ago, and we joined ChessKid around the same time to give him more opportunities to play. He has advanced very quickly by learning from the videos and puzzles, and playing other children more often than he would have the chance otherwise.

My son has been teaching his younger sister to play as well, and I decided to add a membership on ChessKid for her as well. It's amazing how quickly they are both learning with the help of ChessKid!

— Sharel C.

Co-Op Member.