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UPDATE: August 21st, 2015.

ChessKid is pleased to offer the world's first chess curriculum vertically aligned to meet Common Core State Standards. The curriculum is the only one of its kind, and is for use by educators both within the traditional classroom environment, as well as by professional chess coaches in after-school clubs / programs. Even better news? It's now completely FREE!

At the heart of the ideals of HOT (Higher Order Thinking) and Bloom's Taxonomy is the goal to improve every child's cognitive development and critical thinking skills. No game or sport marries itself more naturally to these missions better than chess. Inherent in the game of chess is the demand that a student or player remember what he or she has learned at the board, understand and then apply the proper approach to the repeating tactical and positional patterns present, and then use that knowledge to properly analyze, evaluate, and calculate their way to a victory.


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Chess has always spoken the language of Bloom's Taxonomy and Higher Order Thinking, and we help bring this to life with our original and comprehensive curriculum. Included in the full version teachers will find:


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  • Essential Questions with every chess diagram and concept taught
  • Classroom Activities and Practice Pages included to improve practical application of the target concepts taught in each lesson
  • Full Appendix of all CCSS ELA standards met
  • Multiple Pacing Guides designed with flexibility to work well with any school district or even Homeschool environment
  • and more

To receive our full curriculum please contact Mike Klein or Christine VanCott at --'s Curriculum is free for use by school and may not be redistributed in any way for commercial use.


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Still available and free to all members is our first version, and non CCSS aligned curriculum below.

Created by International Master Daniel Rensch with the help of other ChessKid contributors, our free curriculum includes a wealth of learning materials addressing all aspects of the game, and is organized to maximize effective learning and retention. 

Each section includes diagrams, work-sheets and "mini-games" to ensure that vital concepts are instilled through practice. We also include tips and advice for the teacher, coach or parent. Of course, the whole experience is designed to be FUN!

This curriculum is suitable for both classroom and one-on-one instruction, and is written to be accessible even if the instructor or parent is relatively new to chess. (You and your child can learn together!)

The entire curriculum is available for download (and printable) in PDF format (zipped):


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Here's what you will find inside:

Welcome and Introduction:
An overview of the curriculum; the history of chess; general vocabulary; and an outline of the chessboard

Section 1 -- Starting Out, the Basics of Chess:
An introduction to the pieces; the goal of chess; some basic checkmates (Two Rooks vs a Lone King, a Queen vs a Lone King); checkmate & stalemate

Section 2 -- The Basics of Playing, the "Phases" of Chess & the Opening: 
Counting attackers & defenders; "special" moves (castling & en passant); phases of the game (Opening, Middlegame and Endgame); three critical "mating patterns"; an introduction to opening principles

Section 3 -- Tactics, Tactics & More Tactics:
Forks, Pins, Skewers, Decoys, Deflection, Attraction, Destruction (of the castled King's position), Discovery and more

Section 4 -- Endgame Play: Passed Pawns, Technique & King Play:
Checkmate with the King and Rook vs Lone King; the concept of Zugzwang; playing with the King; an introduction to passed pawns; King and Pawn endgames; the concept of "opposition"; how to win once you have an advantage

Section 5 -- Positional Chess, Planning & Advanced Piece Play:
"Advanced" concepts: Strategy & planning; more pawn structure; tournament chess & how to recognize a draw


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