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FM FunMasterMike Feb 25, 2014 10008 reads
Hi Parents and Coaches!

We hope you've been enjoying all the recent additions to ChessKid - interactive chess lessons, site awards, and individual report cards.

Recently, we've been experiencing some issues with our very popular Computer Workouts. We're putting all of our programmers on the fix, and we hope to have it working smoothly again shortly.

The bug seems to be with Java, but here is what you can do to use Computer Workouts now!

First, all of works best with Firefox. 

You'll need to change your Java security settings to "medium."

On Windows, click on the lower-left Windows icon and in the search bar, enter "Java Control Panel". Click on the Java icon, then click on "security" - it should look like this. Then change to "medium." 

On a Mac, click on the Apple logo on the top left of the screen. Click on "System Preferences." At the bottom of the pop-up window, you'll see the Java icon under "Other." It will look like this. Click there and then click on "security" and change the slider to "medium."

Here is the same information on the Java site.

Now try Computer Workout and they should work great!

We apologize for the workaround but we're really glad so many people are using them - it makes students so much better at converting winning positions!


FM Mike Klein ("FunMasterMike")

Director of Content