The Fried Liver Attack

David Petty 1 Nov 6, 2011 10467 reads

This is a quick guide to a video series:

This in-depth series covers one of the most common opening weapons in scholastic chess...the Fried Liver Attack! The series introduces this famous opening, shows some examples of how it can succeed, and delves into various defenses that black can employ to survive!

This series is intended for intermediate and advanced players. A good series to prepare kids for this one is The Weakest Square, which discusses similar ideas, but starts at a Beginner level.

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The Fried Liver Attack 1: Introduction! - Moves from the idea of Scholar's Mate (quick checkmate on the f7, the Square of Doom) to the Fried Liver Attack. Demonstrates what happens if black ignores white's attack, and shows some potential defenses.

The Fried Liver Attack 2: The First Fried Liver Game - The PinkHamster shows the first ever recorded game in the Fried Liver...luckily for us, it's really exciting!

The Fried Liver Attack 3: Going on a King Hunt! - See an amazing Fried Liver game played by the famous Paul Morphy vs his Uncle Alonzo. Watch the Fried Liver Attack win again, this time with white playing without his Queen Rook!

The Fried Liver Attack 4: The Bizarre 5...Na5 - Now that we've seen black lose several times in a row, we find out about a cool defensive move for black: the bizarre 5...Na5!

The Fried Liver Attack 5: 4...Nxe4!?! - We shift our focus away from black's defensive fourth move 4...d5, onto another possible move 4...Nxe4!?

At the point, the series shifts into several advanced videos on black's third defensive option: The Traxler Attack!

The Fried Liver Attack 6: The Terrifying Traxler Attack! - Piggy-backing off the "counterattacking" idea of 4...Nxe4?!, we now delve into another counterattack idea: 4...Bc5?! We examine this idea by analyzing the first ever Traxler Attack, played by Traxler himself!

The Fried Liver Attack 7: The Attacking Traxler Again! - This video delves into white's most aggressive option against the Traxler Attack: taking the sacrificed pieces, and charging into the center to eat again! Watch in grim satisfaction as the white king is punished for his gluttonous greed.

The Fried Liver Attack 8: BONUS!! Traxler Madness - This epic 25 minute video shows one of the most amazing chess games ever played...and it comes out of a Traxler. White once again charges into the center with his king, eating everything in his path, while Black angrily hounds him, hungry for a checkmate himself. Who will win?!?!

The Fried Liver Attack 9: Fried....Hamster?! - When a ChessKid challenges the Hamster to a battle in the Fried Liver, the Hamster happily plays into one of the Traxler lines seen in earlier videos...only to find himself in hot, hot water!

The Fried Liver Attack 10: PinkHamster vs A-Gust-Of-WindWhat happens when a "How Masters Think" video strays unexpectedly into Fried Liver territory? A live-session all-out battle between a little furry Hamster and a huge gust of wind. What will the weather be like today? Windy, with a chance of Traxler.

This series is still incomplete...Check back for more updates!!

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