About ChessKid
  • About ChessKid

  • ChessKid Aug 18, 2016 2179 reads
  • Welcome to ChessKid! is owned and managed by LLC - the #1 chess site online and a group of dedicated programmers ...
Facing The Music In Chess
  • Facing The Music In Chess

  • Mike Amori 1 Apr 11, 2016 2152 reads
  • Life is touch move. I remember sitting at a staff meeting with fellow chess coaches discussing the importance of being able to comm...
Chess Helps Kids Think
  • Chess Helps Kids Think

  • DrParr 1 Feb 15, 2016 3139 reads
  • This is a summary of a presentation at the London Chess Conference (2015) by Amanda Aldercotte. Playing chess involves an array of cogn...