Chess in Central Park!
  • Chess in Central Park!

  • Paul Swaney 6 Sep 25, 2017 2039 reads
  • Chess players from ages 4 to 78 arrived to battle it out in the 17th annual Chess in the Schools tournament sponsored by New York Park...
US Cadet
  • US Cadet

  • NM Carissa Yip 3 Sep 11, 2017 1794 reads
  • Unfortunately, the summer of chess has come to an end. Fortunately, it ended with me making history! I started my August with the Washi...
SuperNationals VI!
  • SuperNationals VI!

  • Paul Swaney 6 Jun 12, 2017 2640 reads
  • From May 11th-14th, 2017, the largest chess tournament in the world took place. SuperNationals VI brought 5,577 chess players from across...
My Favorite Chess Movie
  • My Favorite Chess Movie

  • Alec Getz 1 Jun 5, 2017 4552 reads
  • Hey, my name’s Alec, I’m twenty-three, and I used to be addicted to playing chess. So much so, in fact, that my fellow chess ...
Changes To Fast Chess!
  • Changes To Fast Chess!

  • ChessKidGirl Apr 27, 2017 9754 reads
  • We've been hard at work behind the scenes at ChessKid, listening to your requests and making improvements to the site. And...we're exci...