What's The Next Step?
  • What's The Next Step?

  • Paul Swaney 6 Dec 20, 2016 1974 reads
  • Hello Parents and Coaches! So your kids have all the rules to chess down, they know how all the pieces move, and have even fi...
ChessKid Site Updates
  • ChessKid Site Updates

  • ChessKidGirl Dec 1, 2016 3291 reads
  • If you're a parent, teacher or coach on, you've probably noticed some differences recently in the way the site looks. We d...
About ChessKid
  • About ChessKid

  • ChessKid Aug 18, 2016 6242 reads
  • Welcome to ChessKid! is owned and managed by LLC - the #1 chess site online and a group of dedicated programmers ...