ChessKid pro školy

ChessKid is for more than just chess coaches. Our site provides the most advanced tracking and measurement tools in the chess software industry. Teachers new to the game and schools just starting their programs now can quickly and accurately assess whether students are getting better at chess.

For teachers in states working with the Common Core, we also provide the world's first (and only) vertically aligned chess curriculum.

Best of all? It is free!

We want to help chess grow in the schools, and providing this resource (click here) as a jumpstart for your program today is the least we can do.


ChessKid in the Classrooms

Playing the game of chess builds an infrastructure in your brain that primes you for problem-solving, forecasting, and strategic thinking. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are in place to promote these same attributes.

By playing chess you are covering every single standard of mathematical practice. It can be as simple as putting a chess center in your classroom and the best part is that ChessKid will even teach them to play for you!

-- Mollie Bounds

Elementary instructional specialist for innovation and initiatives, Madison City Schools
Mollie Bounds

ChessKid as a Learning Platform

What sets ChessKid apart from other online chess resources? It is designed from the ground up to be a learning platform. All of the tools are simple, safe, and FUN!

My chess team kids love when I show them videos or have them do workouts, and their learning transposes to over-the-board success. The learning tools available through ChessKid are so well-crafted that I use them for my personal chess growth as well.

-- Noel Newquist

Art teacher and chess sponsor, Heritage Elementary School
Noel Newquist

ChessKid in Middle School

ChessKid has been a tremendous resource to use in the classroom. As someone with a minimal background in chess assigned to teach a middle school chess elective, I felt relief to have a tool like ChessKid to monitor student progress and make assignments.

The videos, lessons, and puzzles all make playing chess a very engaging and fun activity for all of my students, regardless of their skill level. It has been a great experience seeing these kids fall in love with a game that they probably never would have tried without ChessKid.

-- Joseph Blankenship

Softball and football coach; history, civics, geography, study skills and chess teacher, Liberty Middle School
Joseph Blankenship

ChessKid in an Existing Program

ChessKid was the perfect supplement to my weekly chess program. I can only do so much with a group of kids after-school once or twice a week - ChessKid allowed me to give kids an easy, fun, and amazing learning tool that they could use at home or on the go.

The videos, tactics, and computer workouts helped passionate chess players begin to blossom, and the work they did on ChessKid made them better and more enthusiastic club participants!

I especially appreciate the influence of amazing chess females on ChessKid. As a young female chess player growing up, it was not always easy to find a lot of other girls in the chess world. ChessKid has fantastic articles courtesy of Jessica Prescott, informative videos by Rusa Goletiani, reports from Claudia Munoz, and even content from the one-and-only Judit Polgar!

The work of these fantastic female chess personalities motivates and inspires young girls who otherwise may lose interest in the game of chess!

-- WFM Amanda Mateer

Women's FIDE master and chess coach
Amanda Mateer

ChessKid in Elementary Schools

My students are really enjoying the lessons and the levels that have been added. They get really excited when they go up a level. One of my newer students was thrilled recently when he made it to "Rook 4".

I LOVE your product and I think it is really helping my students! We compete in the Brownsville, Texas area - which is very competitive.

My K-3 JV team took first place at regionals and my K-5 championship team (only 4 players) took 8th place, playing in the championship their first time out. I am by NO means a chess master - not even close - so I rely on your videos, puzzles and lessons to help them advance their skills.

-- Terri Sponsler

Chess Teacher, Rancho Verde Elementary