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GM Ben Finegold

Ben Finegold was the strongest International Masters in the U.S.A. for many years... until at age 40 he won the Grandmaster title!! Ben has been playing and loving chess since he was a kid, and has a really long list of accomplishments, like playing in 9 U.S. Championships!


GM Judit Polgar

Grandmaster Judit Polgar is the strongest female chess player of all time. Ranked #1 in the world for just shy of 25 years, Judit's contributions to chess both on and off the chess board are many. Besides being one of the best chess players in history, she serves as an ambassador for the game through the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation for Education Benefits, is the recipient of the prestigious Hungarian "Order of Merit" award, and is an author of multiple chess books. Judit's program, "Chess Palace" has been adopted as a part of the National Curriculum for Hungarian Schools, and she is also the author of the series, Judit Polgar Teaches Chess.


FM FunMasterMike

Mike can't remember life without chess. He began when he was four and won his first national title when he was eight. He also won the first-ever National Bughouse Championship for middle school children. At 16, he became the youngest chess master in North Carolina history, and after college he began a career teaching chess. His students have won multiple national championships themselves, and Mike is now bringing his lessons to ChessKid.


IM Rusa Goletiani

IM and WGM Rusa Goletiani is a three-time World Junior Champion. She is originally from the country Georgia but has lived in the U.S. for more than a decade. Shortly after arriving in New York, she won the Continental Women's Championship, and in 2005 was U.S. Women's Champion. She has represented the U.S. three times at the Chess Olympiad. The most successful trip was in 2008, when her team won the bronze medal and she won an individual silver medal. Rusa has taught chess for 13 years and in 2006 she co-founded the Westchester Chess Academy, where she teaches kids of all ages.


IM Daniel Rensch

Daniel learned to play chess at the age of 10. With the help of his grandpa, brothers, and close friends -- a chess team was started at the Shelby School (a local private school). Danny went on to compete with the Shelby School chess team for many years, and as a group they won 11 National Scholastic Chess Championships and over 25 Arizona State Championship titles. He is now an International Master and a full time Chess Coach. Danny still regularly competes in high level chess tournaments around the world.


Amanda Mateer

Amanda learned how to play chess when she was 10 years old and joined her elementary school’s chess club - only because her best friend was in it! Though her friend quit a year later, Amanda stuck with it, playing in hundreds of events in Phoenix, Arizona. Over ten years later she still competes regularly in chess events across the country, and hopes to one day soon travel to Europe to play chess abroad. She attends college in Tucson, Arizona, and dedicates all of her free time to studying, playing, and teaching chess.


GM Simon Williams

Grandmaster Simon Williams from England has been a passionate chess player since the age of 6. That is 30 years of chess tricks and tactics! From a young age the 'GingerGM' represented England in various youth World Championships. Other notable results include being 'British Speed Chess Champion,' and winning the London Chess Classic. Simon's motto is, 'Chess is fun to learn and play!' - Enjoy yourself learning and playing. Then see the medals raining down!


WFM Alexandra Botez

Alexandra started playing chess when she was six. Since then, she has won numerous girls national championships and represented Canada at three World Chess Olympiads. Alexandra is currently studying at Stanford University and was president of the Stanford Chess Club. In her free time, Alexandra shares her passion for chess by teaching younger students.


FM Todd Andrews

Todd is a chess teacher in Nashville, TN where he is currently the Director of Operations and Scholastic Chess at the Nashville Chess Center. At age 16, he attained the rank of National Master and was a member of the US Olympic Youth team sent to Europe. At age 18, Todd attained the international title of FIDE Master and was invited to participate in the United States Junior Championship. He was ranked number one in the country for 17-18 year olds during that time. Todd currently holds the title of Tennessee State Champion, which he has achieved 8 times. He was also Georgia State Champion when residing there in 2004.


Ross Colby

Coach Skunkfrog considers himself fortunate to always have been surrounded by great chess teachers and friends who were strong chess players! He also lucked out in that his brother was just enough stronger that it gave him something to strive toward. Coach Ross Colby and his teammates won five nationals chess championships between 7th and 12th grade and as a teacher, Ross has coached three teams that have done the same (he says he will retire when he can do it three more times).


Jonathan Corbblah

Mousetrap lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a strong chess expert. He coaches both PS 166 and Trinity chess teams in NYC. You can often find him in the park playing blitz and swindling his opponents with sneaky traps!


IM David Pruess

At the age of twelve, David was lucky to be brought by his mom to a session of the Berkeley Chess School's Friday night kid's chess club. There he met Master Robert Haines, who showed him that chess was full of deep strategies and cool tactics. He also showed David a thing or two about teaching. Seventeen years later, David is still in love with the game, and with teaching.


FM Elliott Liu

April 25 is actually "Elliott Liu Day" in San Diego County! The young FIDE Master from San Diego earned that distinction by winning the 2005 U.S. under-16 Championship, 2006 Pan-American Games U18, 2 IM norms, and playing in one U.S. Championship and three World Youth Championships. He recently finished college and got a real job!


GM Eugene Perelshteyn

GM Perelshteyn learned chess from his father, a professional chess coach. His record of accomplishments is long; some of his honors include: 2000 US Junior Champion, represented the U.S. in 5 World Jr. Championships, led UMBC to 5 national college titles, and first place in 2003 Generation Chess Invitational, 2006 Foxwoods Open, and 2007 Spice Cup. As a chess teacher, he is the author of two bestsellers: Chess Openings for Black, Explained and Chess Openings for White, Explained (with GMs Dzindzihashvili and Alburt).


David Petty

David learned how to play chess with his brother while on vacation at the tender age of 6. David and his brother didn't always move pawns correctly, but they sure had fun! When school started, David signed up for chess classes and the fun continued. David played in many local chess tournaments and made lots of friends through chess. While in college, David rediscovered the game, and began teaching scholastic chess. David loved teaching so much, that even after graduation, he continues teaching chess to kids every day.


GM Bryan Smith

Bryan grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and learned how to play chess at the age of thirteen, when another kid on the school bus taught him how to play. His first game had to be "adjourned" however, when the bus hit a particularly large bump in the road, sending the chess pieces flying! Soon after he began competing in tournaments. Although there were not many tournaments in Alaska, he loved the game and studied it from books. When Bryan went to college in Baltimore he was able to play more frequently. He is now an International Master who plays in tournaments around the world, in addition to teaching chess.


NM Matan Prilleltensky

Matan is a teacher, student, and chessplayer in New York City, where he lives in a shoe. He is completing a graduate degree in education, and has worked with many afterschool groups and private chess students, from the beginner to the World Youth level. Matan won the TN State High School Championship in 2005 and received the National Master title in 2010.


FM Carissa Yip

At just 12 years of age, Carissa Yip has quickly become one of the top US female players. Known for her creativity over the board, she qualified to play the US Women's championship in 2016. Carissa has been on a record-shattering pace ever since she learned how to play the game from her father at age six and a half. At age 9, she became the youngest female to reach the title of Expert. She broke the record for youngest female player to beat a Grandmaster in a classical tournament at age 10. She broke the record for being the youngest female to achieve the title of National Master at age 11. In 2013, she tied for second and got 4th place after tie-breaks in the World youth chess championship. In 2015, she tied for first, and got the Silver medal after tie-breaks. Since 2015, she started coaching an after-school chess program and writing articles for