A Slew of Swallow's Tails

Hideyho!  Today is a great rainy day here in NC, perfect for a puzzle set.  Do you remember the Swallow's Tail checkmate pattern?  Click here if you'd like a refresher.  Mrs Jessica E Prescott (aka BoundingOwl) has 8 puzzles for you to solve using this trick.  It's my personal favourite!  Read carefully to see if it is white or black to move.


There is a theme here!  

If you are having trouble solving the puzzles, remember to look for all possible checks.  It must be one of them!  

Here are some things to remember:


1.  White to move.








2.  Black to move.







3.  White to move.






4.  Black to move.








5.  Black to move.






6.  White to move.





7.  White to move.






8.  Same position, but Black to move!  Notice how those white pawns can work for or against White.








How did you do?  Remember it is not how FAST you solve these puzzles, but how ACCURATE you are.  Did you solve them correctly the first time?  Did you see the tail in each puzzle?  Innocent

Tip of the week:  Spend the time now to see these patterns clearly, so that in your games you will be a Swallow Tail Master!