Boden's Criss-Cross Mate Puzzle Set

Hidey-ho chesskid friends!  Today we are going to practice drawing Xs on the chessboard.  Well, in our heads anyway.  Don't actually draw on your computer.  Keep reading for Mrs Jessica E Prescott's (aka BoundingOwl's) tricky Boden's Criss-Cross Mating Pattern.  Then, solve the puzzles!

First, check out this article on the basic Criss-Cross Mate.  Look for that BIG X that your bishops make.

1.  Here is a quick review puzzle, mate in one.






Do you remember the pattern?  A queen and bishop or two bishops are what's needed for this checkmate trick.  Trap the king in an X.  

2.  This time it is black to move and mate in two.  First identify the king's escape squares.  Where would the other diagonal be to create an X around the king?  Who is in your way?  Do you need to sacrifice anything?  Look for forcing moves!








3.  Now it's white to move.  Mate in two.  Do the same thing:






4.  Black to move again.  Mate in two.  Don't forget discoveries!  Lovely long-range pieces, ahhhh.Laughing








5.  White to move and mate in two.  What a fun pattern!  Who really needs queens anyway?!








Excellent work!  The power of the double bishops!

Tip of the week:  Look back at all the old tactics articles to practice your mating patterns.   The quicker you recognize them here, the better you'll be at seeing them over the chessboard.