ChessKid Adventure App: Download the Fun Now!

The ChessKid team is very excited to announce a new chess experience called ChessKid Adventure. ChessKid Adventure is a magical world of quests and characters to help kids learn and master chess!

This is an additional app to the existing ChessKid app already available. Now kids can have double the fun, either on iOS (download here) or Android (download here).

Across 6 quests and over 200 mini challenges, learn how to play and master chess from engaging animated characters. Collect gold coins along the way to fill out your collection of costume outfits. ChessKid Adventure is great for beginners!

Once you learn the rules, play live chess games against other kids on a platform designed for privacy and security. ChessKid offers the largest chess server in the world that is safe for kids, with no free-form chat.

Improve your skills by challenging 40+ unique mythical characters across 15 different levels of difficulty. Learn their backstories then see if you can defeat them on your own to win coins and prizes.

And the best part? Your ChessKid membership works with ChessKid Adventure! Use your ChessKid username and password to log in to ChessKid Adventure. And if you have a Gold Membership, those benefits extend to ChessKid Adventure too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ChessKid Adventure different from ChessKid?

ChessKid Adventure is a fun new approach to chess for kids. The app has many of the chess features you know and love -- such as live games, puzzles, and lessons -- built into a magical world of dragons and unicorns. Both ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure are focused on helping kids learn to play and enjoy the game of chess. 

While there are many stylistic differences between ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure, the most noteworthy difference is that ChessKid Adventure is only designed for individuals, and is only available on mobile (iOS and Android) devices. ChessKid is intended for a much broader audience in that it works on mobile and any web browser, and not only works with individuals, but also organizations such as schools, clubs, associations, etc. 

Love our existing app? Great! We plan to keep and improve both, not to worry.

Which should my kid play -- ChessKid or ChessKid Adventure?

Let your ChessKid decide! Both apps are entirely built for kids to learn and have fun playing chess. If your child is part of a club or school-sponsored group, or has assigned lessons etc., those features are only available through ChessKid, not ChessKid Adventure. 

Do I have to buy a separate membership for ChessKid Adventure?

No. You can log in to ChessKid Adventure with your ChessKid username and password. If you have a Gold Membership on ChessKid your same Gold Membership will be available to you on ChessKid Adventure.

What is unique about ChessKid Adventure?

In all of our apps, the top priority is to make it fun for kids to learn and play chess. ChessKid Adventure is unique because while chess is still the focal point, it also uses a magical world of characters, quests, coins, etc. that enhance the learning experience.

How can I download ChessKid Adventure?

The iOS version is here and the Android version is here.