ChessKid Celebrates 10 Million Kids!

ChessKid reached a special milestone this month: there are now over 10,000,000 kids registered to play and learn on our website! 

Unlocking the World of Chess for All: A Weekend Extravaganza

Enjoy a Weekend of ChessKid Unlocked
To mark this momentous occasion, ChessKid is opening its doors to the world by unlocking all features for free during the "10 Million ChessKids Celebration Weekend" on Jan 20 and Jan 21, 2024. Play unlimited bots and puzzles, and explore our interactive lessons and videos. We want the world to join the fun and come explore the full spectrum of ChessKid's educational and entertaining offerings.

Growth and Success

From humble beginnings in 2007 as the first account was created (shout-out to Jay Severson, co-founder of to this amazing number... It's been quite a journey. Check out how we got here:

Graph depicting a timeline of ChessKid milestones.

A brief history of ChessKid

Fun fact: 2010, the year ChessKid first went live, was also the year that ChessKid superstar FM Tani Adewumi was born! (He's actually a few months older than us...)

In October 2010, ChessKid reached 10,000 accounts. And back then, we thought that was pretty amazing already! That's over 10,000 kids all enjoying the game of chess, whether it's in a classroom or at home.

Gratitude and Excitement

ChessKid team sends a big thank you

The ChessKid Team at our Chess Meetup 2023

"Well hello there, ChessKids. This is FM Mike Klein. Some people call me the FunMaster. I'll let you decide." Those famous words were said in August 2013, as FunMasterMike released his first-ever ChessKid video. Can you imagine a ChessKid world without FunMasterMike videos now?!

“I joined ChessKid more than 10 years ago and more than 9 million members ago. I’m super proud of our team in reaching this milestone, but I also need to thank all the coaches, academies, school districts, and families who believe in ChessKid and support our mission to grow chess everywhere! When we get to 100 million I’ll do a Beat FunMasterMike episode from outer space.”

- FM Mike Klein

Although we might face some logistical challenges launching FunMasterMike into space (we're still looking into different ideas), ChessKid President Kulsum Qasim is equally excited about ChessKid's astronomical growth:

"I'm looking forward to growing our community even more, so that EVERY kid around the globe can play and learn from the amazing game of chess for generations to come!"

Join the Celebration

Now we're here at the very beginning of 2024, with a community of over ten million ChessKids. That's over ten million potential new friends, ten million opportunities to learn, play, and develop in a safe environment, and ten million reasons why ChessKid is the best place on the internet for kids to enjoy chess.

Thank you to every single ChessKid, family member, coach, and school out there for supporting our mission!