Coming October 30: ChessKid Grand Swiss!


The results are in! The winners of the ChessKid Grand Swiss are:

It was a wonderful event with kids from 29 different countries participating!

FunMasterMike hosted the event!


Excited for the upcoming FIDE Grand Swiss and Women's Grand Swiss? So are we! Starting on October 27th, the 2021 event will feature the world's best chess players facing off in an 11-round Swiss tournament in Riga, Latvia. That's the home of Mikhail Tal. Who's Tal? FunMasterMike can tell you!

FunMasterMike will be there in person to cover all the action, but that's not all. He'll also be commentating the first ever ChessKid Grand Swiss!

On October 30th, we'll be holding the kid version of this historic ChessKid Grand Swiss starting at 10am Riga time! The event will be completely free and open to all players in the ChessKid Official Club and will consist of seven rounds of chess with a time control of G3+2 (Three minutes for each player with a 2 second increment for each move). 

You can also catch all the action as FunMasterMike commentates at or

ChessKId Grand Swiss

The ChessKid Grand Swiss will be at 8am London/9am Central Europe/10am Riga/6pm Sydney. This is also midnight for Pacific U.S. and 3am New York.

Before you ask -- yes the timing of this event is more suited to European, African, Asian, and Australian ChessKids. We've had several events just for the Americas in recent months and wanted to give other continents the preference this time.

For prizes, the top player from each country gets a one year free Gold Membership or extension! This will be the country you play the tournament from. So potentially about 200 ChessKids could be winners! Sorry, we can't get you an invitation to play in the Candidates' Tournament :-)

Don't forget, all games will be subject ChessKid's Fair Play rules. So make sure to join us on October 30th for a chance to win! To participate in the ChessKid Grand Swiss, make sure you join the ChessKid Official Club. Then, head over to Fast Chess to join the tournament. The exact tournament link is here and remember you must be in the ChessKid Official Club first to be able to play.

See you there!