Fearsome Forks: The Double Attack Puzzle Set

Fearsome Forks:  The Double Attack Puzzle Set by Ms Jessica Era Martin (aka BoundingOwl)

One fork, two fork, three fork, four!  Flamingoes crash through your front door! A fork is a nasty trick because it really leaves you hanging.  You can't move two of your pieces at once in chess (unless you are castling), so sadly you are going to lose one of them. 

In David's video, you learn how to attack two THINGS...one is a piece, one is an empty square.  An empty square?  Well, yes.  But maybe that empty square is where you need to be to make checkmate. Or another fork. Or a brilliant supertacticalcombination.

In New York, and in other places too, we call this a double attack.  One piece attacks two things.

So, let's think about this.

How can white threaten a hanging piece and threaten checkmate all in the same move?

Good.  Now let's see how you do on the next 4 puzzles.  No helpsies!

1.)White to move and threaten checkmate and a hanging knight. (Ok, a little helpsies from me on the first one.)

2.)  Black to move.  Click on the MOVE LIST at the end to see all the fancy variations.

3.)  Black to move and win either a queen or the game.

4.) White to move...

Nice work!  Here is your flamingo!