How To Play Halloween Chess

How to Play Halloween, Mrs Jessica E Prescott (aka BoundingOwl)

Hello chessers!  Today we will learn a new game.  It is called GHOST CHESS.  Do you know how to play?  Well, there are different variations, but this is the one I want you to learn:

Each of your long-range pieces (your ROOKS, QUEENS, and BISHOPS) may go through ONE of YOUR OWN pieces any time they want to!  So, now not only are the knights jumpers, but so are queens, rooks and bishops!  

Let's look at some examples:

White has just played 1. Qd4?  But this is a bad choice!  What can black do now?





(Did you see that black can just play 1...Qxd4!!  Oops!)

Sometimes practicing a chess variant can change your thought process during a game.  And that can be a good thing!  It's important to be flexible.  Ghost chess forces you to look at the WHOLE BOARD.

What is the best way to get out of check here?





And an even trade, but do you want to lose a Ghost?






Remember you can't go through your opponent's pieces, otherwise, how could you make checkmate on move one?!








Tip of the week:  Be flexible and try new things.  Sometimes they help you learn in a different way!

Play this game with your friends.  And don't eat too much candy!  See you next week for Goblin Chess!  (Maybe Wink)