New Feature Alert: Bot Personalities!

ChessKids love bots. ChessKids love challenging FunMasterMike. Now they can do both, whenever they want!

The most recent feature brought to life is the new ChessKid bot personalities! In total, there are seven new bots: FunMasterMike at ages 6, 8, 10, 14, 18, and present age (we're keeping that number a secret), and WIM Ivette Garcia at her present age! These bot personalities are in addition to the previous bots, Qwerty and friends aren't going anywhere.

How to Play FunMasterMike and Ivette Garcia

To play against the new bot personalities you simply hover over play and select "Play vs Bot". You can also click here and it will take you to that page.

Select "Play vs Bot" to access the new ChessKid bot personalities.

Once you've navigated to the bot page choose your favorite personality and click play. I recommend starting with FunMasterMike at age 6 and working your way up! 

Start with FunMasterMike at age 6 and see how many you can beat! 

You can choose whether to have coach mode activated and what color you'd like to play. The bots will also speak to you as you play them! 

 The bot personalities keep track of your record versus them. How many can you beat?!

Beat one of these bots and watch the confetti fall!