Play Like Pleci, Part 2

Hi again, today we are going to see the finish of the "miniature" game between Isaias Pleci and Lucius Endzelins. Here was the position where we left off last week:

Last week, Pleci served up a generous helping of chess pieces for dinner: a bishop and a knight! But Endzelins sent them back to the chef, and asked for a rook instead!

White's problem is that 12.Be8+ leads nowhere after 12...Kf8. White can then give a discovered check by moving the bishop (like 13.Bg6+) but then Black would just gobble up the rook!

Instead Pleci found a way to get rid of the pesky bishop on e7 by serving up two courses of knight a la mode!


I guess those knights were a little too hot to eat in this game! Tongue out The unusual thing about this mini-game is that the queens were traded as early as move seven, but even without the most powerful piece White still managed to create an attack on the king.