What Are The 6 Most Popular King Level Videos?

ChessKid now has 800 videos in its library! If you've watched them all, then you get the highest high five of all time.

Ever wonder which are the most-viewed of all time? Below you'll find out which six videos from the King level series that ChessKids seem to like the most! View counts are based on our internal data across all devices and platforms, not necessarily the view count you see on the screen.

But first, a special note. We are NOT counting the videos on how the pieces move or other videos in the Pawn through Queen levels like "Checkmate" or "King And Queen Mate." Videos like "The Pawn" and others teaching the pieces are so far ahead of every other video (hey, they come first in the levels!) that they really shouldn't count.

However, if you're wondering though which of the six "piece movements videos" has been watched the most, that would be "The Rook" which is just barely short of half a million (486,505 views)!!

The Top Six King Level Videos On ChessKid

6. King 12 -- "Queen Vs. Pawn" (57,626 views)

5. King 35 -- "Stay, Push, Or Capture?" (63,119 views)

4. King 52 -- "The Power Of The Bishop Pair" (67,388 views)

3. King 33 -- "Smash Your Opponent's Castle" (70,552 views). Note that this is actually WFM Alexandra Botez's video on the same topic that FunMasterMike covers in "Attacking The Castled King" but Alexandra's video has even more views!

2. King 28 -- "Underpromotion" (73,599 views)

1. King 62 -- "What To Do When You're Losing" (84,168 views)

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