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The match of the Millennials
  • The match of the Millennials

  • NM Carissa Yip 3 Aug 14, 2017
  • Hi ChessKids! Many of you may have already heard of the Match of the Millennials. If not, well, I'll give a brief overview here.  The Match of the Millennials was a match of the best U.S. juniors against the best juniors from the res...
Chess/Ajedrez In Costa Rica!
  • Chess/Ajedrez In Costa Rica!

  • Mauricio Santana 7 Aug 7, 2017
  • The Pan American Youth Festival was held in San José, Costa Rica, from July 1-July 6, 2017. With the participation of 467 players from 25 countries, this was a real sports festival. The event had different activities for parents...
King Hunt
  • King Hunt

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 19, 2017 12 minutes
  • Everyone loves a chase! In these examples, FM Mike Klein shows you how to give chase to a fleeing king, trapping it and checkmating it.