Why Everyone Loves ChessKid!


Hi, parents and coaches, teachers and districts, homeschool groups and everyone else who uses ChessKid! So many of you have already fallen in love with our site, because...

  • ChessKid is safe
  • ChessKid is fun
  • ChessKid is easy
  • ChessKid provides management and tracking tools
  • ChessKid will keep your kid motivated to learn and improve his/her chess skills
  • ChessKid has all the tools you need to start and run a successful chess program

Don't believe us? See our user testimonials!

  • Parents and Kids - Parents and kids are obviously the most regular users of our site! Here's a few nice things they had to say about using ChessKid daily.
  • Coaches and Clubs - Coaches have needed better, more intuitive ways to manage their chess clubs for years. They now have what they need with ChessKid.
  • Teachers and Schools - Teachers need things that make their lives easier, not harder! ChessKid is the only website for kids and scholastic chess programs that does that!
  • School Districts - ChessKid can be used district-wide, and helps to establish accountability and organization across city and state-wide chess programs.
  • Homeschools - Homeschool programs deserve access to the same curriculum and infrastructure of state sponsored public, charter and private schools. ChessKid provides that!

Your Kids Want to be "One of the ChessKids!"

You've heard Cool Kids by Echosmith; now hear our version! Don't you wish that you could be like the ChessKids?