Pawn Chains
  • Pawn Chains

  • NM Sam Copeland 32 Feb 15, 2017 8384 Views 11 min
  • What should you do when you spot a pawn chain, ChessKids? NM Sam Copeland has the strategic tips to help you out!
  • Interference

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 28, 2017 27497 Views 7 min
  • It's time for more tactics with FM Mike Klein! What in the world is this interference tactic of which he speaks? It's a beautiful and special pattern. Learn it today.
King Of Puzzles: vs GameTheory
  • King Of Puzzles: vs GameTheory

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 18, 2017 17322 Views 6 min
  • FM Mike Klein takes on the third and final King Of Puzzles champion in this video. GameTheory plays some great ideas, but FunMasterMike shows some places he could improve in the classic French Defense.
  • Simplifying

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 14, 2016 23298 Views 10 min
  • Sometimes the key to winning is just knowing how to make things easy! FM Mike Klein shows you how to do just that by giving material back to reach a winning king and pawn ending.
The Greek Gift
  • The Greek Gift

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 8, 2016 24224 Views 9 min
  • Is this the most famous sacrifice in chess? FM Mike Klein demonstrates a powerful attacking sequence inspired by real history. Find out how to expose the king with this fun idea.
Winning Technique
  • Winning Technique

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 30, 2016 15457 Views 9 min
  • How do you finish off a winning game? The answer is chess technique. FunMasterMike teaches you what that is and how to learn it.
Attacking The Castled King
  • Attacking The Castled King

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 16, 2016 10745 Views 11 min
  • By now ChessKids, your opponents certainly know enough to castle and make their king safe! How can you mate them once they do that? Well, FM Mike Klein has some helpful hints that are sure to point you in the right direction.
Judit Polgar's Chess Festival 2016
  • Judit Polgar's Chess Festival 2016

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 2, 2016 13846 Views 9 min
  • The annual U.S.A. vs Hungary match that's part of the Global Chess Festival pits the best ChessKids in these two countries against each other. This year, the U.S.A. team won by only one half-point. FM Mike Klein shows all the tricks and traps at play!
The ChampionshYip: More Girl Power!
  • The ChampionshYip: More Girl Power!

  • NM Carissa Yip 3 Oct 26, 2016 14733 Views 11 min
  • NM Carissa Yip is back to regale you with more tales from the U.S. Women's Championship! Check out her absolutely exhilarating back and forth battle with WIM Agata Bygovtsev where both players had excellent chances at different points.
Exchange Sacrifices
  • Exchange Sacrifices

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 19, 2016 18435 Views 8 min
  • Why would anyone ever just give up a rook for a bishop or knight?! Well, actually there are a lot of reasons! FM Mike Klein shows you four good ones.
  • Desperado

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 30, 2016 20458 Views 9 min
  • Sometimes it chess, desperate times call for desperate moves. In this lesson, FM Mike Klein shows you some desperado tactics that you need to know — both to defend against and to use yourself.
Color Weaknesses
  • Color Weaknesses

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 21, 2016 22844 Views 7 min
  • Do you know what color weaknesses are ChessKids? FM Mike Klein shows you how to win by spotting (and creating) color weaknesses in your games!
Queen vs Two Rooks
  • Queen vs Two Rooks

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 7, 2016 25053 Views 9 min
  • What wins in chess, one queen, or two rooks? As always, it depends on the position, says FunMasterMike. Learn when the rooks roll over the queen, when the queen rules the rooks, and what to aim for from each side, taking advice from some of the best champions in chess along the way.
The ChampionshYip Defense
  • The ChampionshYip Defense

  • NM Carissa Yip 3 Aug 30, 2016 13790 Views 11 min
  • NM Carissa Yip shows you another example of her incredible fighting chess as she goes toe to toe in a slugfest with WGM Tatev Abrahamyan and answers the critical question. Knights or bishops?
  • Combinations

  • FM FunMasterMike Aug 24, 2016 16731 Views 9 min
  • What exactly is a combination in chess? FM Mike Klein fills you in, and shows you how to play these brilliant sequences, which are often the most fun you can have on the chessboard.
  • Blockading

  • FM FunMasterMike Aug 17, 2016 14758 Views 8 min
  • How do you stop a pawn in its tracks? Blockade it. Just like in tic-tac-toe. FM Mike Klein shows you the best ways to stop your opponents’ pawns from advancing down the board.