Pawnless Endings
  • Pawnless Endings

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 29, 2018 16659 Views 10 min
  • No pawns does not mean no brains! Watch and learn some key endgames without promotions: R vs N, R vs B, R+B vs R, Q vs B, Q vs N, and Q vs R! Whew, that's a lot of stuff to learn!
Common Rook Endings
  • Common Rook Endings

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 14, 2018 17379 Views 8 min
  • Rooks are like cockroaches -- they'll survive under any conditions! But where do they like to crawl in the endgame? Watch and see how to win or draw the four most common rook endings!
Perpetual Check
  • Perpetual Check

  • FM FunMasterMike Aug 17, 2018 22848 Views 8 min
  • It may be impossible to build a perpetual motion machine, but in chess, all things are possible! Watch the learn how you can save a lost position by checking your opponent over and over and over and over and....
Stalemate Tricks
  • Stalemate Tricks

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 16, 2018 31669 Views 9 min
  • So you're completely lost, huh? Wait! Don't resign! There may just be one last trick in the bag. Watch and see how you might be able to save a horrible position, sometimes by sending your pieces over the waterfall!
Opening Traps
  • Opening Traps

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 13, 2018 37502 Views 10 min
  • There are no guarantees in life, but there is in chess! FunMasterMike promises you'll win some chess games just by memorizing these common opening mistakes. Watch and learn six different tricks in 10 minutes!
Destroying Pawn Shelter
  • Destroying Pawn Shelter

  • FM FunMasterMike May 23, 2018 35484 Views 9 min
  • Think castling makes your king safe forever? Think again! FunMasterMike shows how to "hook" your opponent and invade the enemy castle with some well-time sacrifices!
Space Advantages
  • Space Advantages

  • FM FunMasterMike May 4, 2018 42582 Views 8 min
  • Ready for some space exploration? ChessKid blasts off, showing kids why having more room for your pieces is a good thing, and how to play "slowly" when you enjoy all the space!
  • Prophylaxis

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 19, 2018 32853 Views 7 min
  • One of the biggest words in chess is often carried out by the smallest pieces! Watch how pawns, and other members of your army, can stop your opponent's plans, in a process we call "prophylaxis"!
  • Maneuvering

  • FM FunMasterMike Mar 21, 2018 39241 Views 8 min
  • Sometimes you have to go backward instead of forward, as FunMasterMike shows with examples from every piece of the chess board. You'll also see why he's not prepared to host a nature show!
Opposite Colored Bishops
  • Opposite Colored Bishops

  • FM FunMasterMike Mar 6, 2018 45131 Views 9 min
  • When bishops control opposite colors, they aren't just two ships passing in the night. The bishops are actually unrivaled dominators, if you know how to use them in the middlegame and endgame!
Rook Lifts
  • Rook Lifts

  • FM FunMasterMike Feb 20, 2018 41986 Views 9 min
  • Can rooks climb stairs? They can today! Watch and see how rooks can become your BFF, even when there's no open files to use. Bring them up and over and they'll be shouting with joy!
Trapped Pieces
  • Trapped Pieces

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 7, 2018 52299 Views 7 min
  • What happens when a piece runs low on squares? It's time to put him in the coffin! Often, these "traps" happen on the edge of the board, but not always. Watch and see many examples of queens and other pieces getting squeezed!
Opposite Sides Castling
  • Opposite Sides Castling

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 26, 2017 41095 Views 11 min
  • Never has one move been so important! When the kings go their own way and castle differently, it's a race to make an all-out attack before your own king is mated. Do you have the speed to win?
Advanced Opening Principles: Part 1
  • Advanced Opening Principles: Part 1

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 4, 2017 39698 Views 8 min
  • What happens when one side focuses on development while the other side forgets? It's a comedy for the first side but a tragedy for the other! Watch this and other advanced opening ideas -- maybe you can also win some quick points!
Mysterious Moves
  • Mysterious Moves

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 29, 2017 35141 Views 8 min
  • Can you play chess detective? Part of being a good chess player is getting inside the head of your opponent, even when "weird" moves are played. Watch and learn how to spot the clues that will help you solve the puzzling positions!
Queen Sacrifices
  • Queen Sacrifices

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 31, 2017 43520 Views 10 min
  • ChessKids, did you know that sometimes even the most powerful piece can be sacrificed? That's right! Even the queen can be sacrificed if opportunity strikes. FM Mike Klein teaches you with some great examples, including his own games!
Playing Tournament Chess
  • Playing Tournament Chess

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 17, 2017 40587 Views 8 min
  • Are you ready for a chess tournament? You will be after watching this video! Join FM Mike Klein as he walks you through tournament preparation from a master's perspective.