ThirstyDonkey Knows How to Finish!
  • ThirstyDonkey Knows How to Finish!

  • FM FunMasterMike Mar 4, 2014 7717 Views 12 min
  • Six-year-olds sometimes can barely tie their shoelaces. Can a first grader possess grandmaster endgame knowledge? The ThirstyDonkey is proof that it is possible! Watch and see two fantastic endgame wins from the K-12 Nationals. This little guy has an amazing will to win, even when he gets behind in material. Today it's all about active pieces and protected passed pawns!
ThirstyDonkey Defends the Farm!
  • ThirstyDonkey Defends the Farm!

  • FM FunMasterMike Feb 10, 2014 9026 Views 12 min
  • Go on a trade tirade with a national champ! Today Lucas allows a Greek Gift sacrifice and lives to tell the tale. It's all about defense today. Don't be greedy, grab your extra piece, simplify, and ride that gravy train into the bountiful endgame. Lucas is like a seasoned pro - watch and see him recover from an early mistake to dominate the middlegame and endgame!
ThirstyDonkey Quenches His Thirst!
  • ThirstyDonkey Quenches His Thirst!

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 13, 2014 7331 Views 13 min
  • Winning a national championship is something most ChessKids dream of. Today, we'll see how to actually make your dreams come true. First-grader ThirstyDonkey wins two early games at the Grade Nationals, using a variety of tactics and positional ideas. It's important to finish off those early rounds when you can, so you save energy since nationals are three days of chess!