The King Fights!
  • The King Fights!

  • IM David Pruess 1 Apr 4, 2010 5316 Views 11 min
  • When was the last time your king ever did anything for you? All day long your other pieces run about frantically trying to protect him from the enemy. It's time you found out that your king is more than just a burden...
The Best Game Prize
  • The Best Game Prize

  • David Petty 1 Apr 3, 2010 8466 Views 11 min
  • Last week, David worked as tournament director, coach... and judge! Here is the game he judged to be the very best of the whole tournament. Ooooooh, pretty!
Oooooops! Episode 1
  • Oooooops! Episode 1

  • IM David Pruess 1 Apr 2, 2010 11271 Views 12 min
  • Prepare to see a true opening disaster! Then we will look at the game together, and figure out what mistakes lead to this disaster so that you won't fall into one like it.
The Curious Case of Copycat Claire
  • The Curious Case of Copycat Claire

  • David Petty 1 Mar 31, 2010 9712 Views 11 min
  • Ever play against someone who copies every move you make? Does it make you go cuckoo? After you see this story, you'll be very ready for the next Copycat to come your way.
  • Consequences

  • IM David Pruess 1 Mar 29, 2010 10541 Views 8 min
  • International Master David Pruess talks to you about the importance and weight of every move you make. The lessons to be learned in chess are often good for the rest of your life; don't forget everything you do has consequences!