Your Games Analyzed!  Show 15 -- Part 1
  • Your Games Analyzed! Show 15 -- Part 1

  • ChessKidTV ChessKidTV Jul 31, 2014 1817 Views 28 min
  • FM Mike Klein analyzes member games in a show broadcast live on July 24, 2014. Join FunMasterMike as he explains the best attacking game of the week. Find out what the ChessKids did right and wrong in their openings, middlegames, and endgames.
Use Your Snow Plow - Part 4
  • Use Your Snow Plow - Part 4

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 29, 2014 4228 Views 10 min
  • In parts 1-3 you saw how to advance your Snow Plow, now FunMasterMike is going to show you how to blockade it! Sure, the Four Pawns Attack looks scary, but every pawn move makes a bigger piece sad. Watch how Black develops and destroys the center, then hunts down White's king and weak back rank. As always, our tactical ChessKid geniuses will love the fun that results!
Castling Catastrophes! - Part 4
  • Castling Catastrophes! - Part 4

  • Ross Colby 1 Jul 26, 2014 4129 Views 13 min
  • Sometimes castling actually brings your king into danger, rather than taking him to safety. What's the biggest warning sign? If you've opened up a file, make sure that castling doesn't tempt your opponent's rooks to come after you. Today Skunkfrog shows you a perfect example of this, complete with a checkmate in 5. Learn his idea, and also stay until the end to find his long mating pattern!
Controlling the Center - Part 2
  • Controlling the Center - Part 2

  • FM Alisa Melekhina 1 Jul 24, 2014 4618 Views 10 min
  • Talk about some fun tactics! FM Alisa Melekhina is back to show ChessKids how powerful your army can be if you place pieces in the center of the board. She's got forks, pins and discovered attacks coming from every direction. It's like a real-life version of the ChessKid puzzles! So watch this video a few times, then go practice your puzzles, and you'll be recording videos for us in no time!
Use Your Snow Plow - Part 3
  • Use Your Snow Plow - Part 3

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 22, 2014 5572 Views 9 min
  • The strongest snow plow in the world isn't shoveling snow - its being used by a world champion to crush his opponent! Watch GM Vladimir Kramnik slowly get his two center pawns all the way to the 7th rank together. That takes talent and teamwork! Watch and learn how you can make sure your snow plow doesn't get stuck or run out of gas!
Benzoo's Black Brilliancies - Part 3
  • Benzoo's Black Brilliancies - Part 3

  • GM Ben Finegold 1 Jul 19, 2014 3730 Views 8 min
  • Want to win in 13 moves against an Expert as Black? Impossible you say? Not here on ChessKid! GM Benzoo develops quickly and, more importantly, has all of his pieces work toward a common goal. As you can guess, it was all too much for White. They call this opening the Giuoco Piano - "The Quiet Game" - but there was nothing quiet about how our grandmaster attacked!
Famous Checkmate Patterns! - Part 1
  • Famous Checkmate Patterns! - Part 1

  • FM Todd Andrews 1 Jul 17, 2014 3738 Views 10 min
  • If the dictionary had a listing for "minor piece harmony" it would surely be this game by Garry Kasparov! Watch the knight and bishop team up like peanut butter and jelly to put Black's king in a checkmate sandwhich! Coach Todd has plenty of quiz positions for you so make sure to pause when he wants you to do a big think. You also get to learn what Kasparov's favorite move is - what's yours?
Use Your Snow Plow - Part 2
  • Use Your Snow Plow - Part 2

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 15, 2014 6042 Views 7 min
  • It's snowing again! Hard to believe in summer, we know. Let's break out the snow plow again - today FunMasterMike shows you how to create one from e4/e5 openings. The power of the two-pawn tandem is in full force when the black knights are forced to scatter. What an absolute crusher as White steamrolls, or rather plows over the black king!
Score the Full Point! - Part 4
  • Score the Full Point! - Part 4

  • Mike Amori 1 Jul 12, 2014 3908 Views 15 min
  • What's the "visor" and the "chin rest"? Mr. A describes what tournament chess players should look like when they training and studying for tournaments. Today you'll need an actual chess set to watch his video. If you want to be a grandmaster, you have to look like one!
Keeping the Tempo: The Curse of Joseph Blackburne! - Part 1
  • Keeping the Tempo: The Curse of Joseph Blackburne! - Part 1

  • ChessKidTV ChessKidTV Jul 10, 2014 1946 Views 31 min
  • Who was this guy in the long black coat? It's not a mystery novel, it's a chess player. Today the MusicCityMaster reveals the mythic figure and his chess brilliance. Watch carefully at the opening tactic and you'll be ready for the big reveal at the end of this section! The Rolling Stones say to Paint it Black, but we know they really meant "Blackburne"!
Use Your Snow Plow - Part 1
  • Use Your Snow Plow - Part 1

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 8, 2014 9228 Views 8 min
  • Summer time is perfect for playing in the snow?! Well, it is the perfect time to learn about the chess version of snow plows! Watch and see FunMasterMike's term for a popular concept that is important from beginner to master. You'll also see what mistake many kids have made against him. Learn it now so you can avoid it when you play him live on Friday nights on!
Benzoo's Black Brilliancies - Part 2
  • Benzoo's Black Brilliancies - Part 2

  • GM Ben Finegold 1 Jul 5, 2014 2967 Views 8 min
  • How about some Fourth of July fireworks? Today former World Champion Boris Spassky beats a top-five player in about 20 moves! GM Benzoo proves that lack of development, center control and king safety leads to doom, no matter who you are. Black offers a few pieces to marshal his brave pawn down the board, and White's pieces are left watching as it reaches the other side of the battlefield!
Your Games Analyzed! – Show 14 - Part 1
  • Your Games Analyzed! – Show 14 - Part 1

  • ChessKidTV ChessKidTV Jul 3, 2014 1745 Views 31 min
  • The MusicCityMaster filled in for FunMasterMike in June! Watch the musical version of Your Games Analyzed, where you'll see a master class on isolated queen pawns with a good bass beat. In general, if the pawn is allowed to advance, that spells trouble. Even attempts to win the pawn outright can lead to spectacular tactics. Watch and become an "IQP Master"!
Zugzwang: ChessKid Challenge!
  • Zugzwang: ChessKid Challenge!

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 1, 2014 5794 Views 10 min
  • If you've seen the first two videos on zugzwang, then you have a fighting chance in this 3rd challenge video! FunMasterMike shows you a trio of positions where you have to guess the right continuation. Can you get all three right? If you can, that means you are thinking as much about the opponent's move as your own, and that's the first step to chess master!
2014 ChessKid Online National Championship: Round 1 - Part 1
  • 2014 ChessKid Online National Championship: Round 1 - Part 1

  • ChessKidTV ChessKidTV Jun 28, 2014 3929 Views 35 min
  • The 2014 ChessKid Online Nationals featured 30 of the best ChessKids in the country. They played a five gam round robin, and champions were crowned in five different sections. Many of the six-year-olds already had ratings higher than the average adult! Watch the first part of round one action, then click through parts 2-7 to see the rest of the exciting first round!
Decommissioned Pieces - Part 5
  • Decommissioned Pieces - Part 5

  • FM Todd Andrews 1 Jun 26, 2014 4660 Views 6 min
  • The rook is trapped. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. Somebody decide! The MusicCityMaster shows a student game and tries to figure out if the b-pawn is poisoned or not. It's good to be careful, but sometimes you have to get in there and do the calculations to be sure of a correct answer. Try to find all the variations before they're shown. We bet you can. No you can't. Yes you can!
Exchange Sacrifices: Triumphant Tal!
  • Exchange Sacrifices: Triumphant Tal!

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 24, 2014 9063 Views 9 min
  • Who knows how to sacrifice better than the legendary former World Champion Mikhail Tal? Trick question - no one does! FunMasterMike closes his series on exchange sacrifices by showing a classic example of playing Rxe6. White gets a ton of "comp" as we say - that's "compensation" not "computers!" Watch the entire finish, where Tal reduces into a king and pawn ending, just like Benzoo has been explaining!
Pawn Power and Traffic Jams!
  • Pawn Power and Traffic Jams!

  • FM Alex Chua 1 Jun 21, 2014 3863 Views 8 min
  • One of the shortest games we've ever featured in a ChessKid video! Today Highlama shows you how to advance your pawns and kick your opponent's pieces, while stifling his back-rank army. It's a total crush, thanks mostly to White's hero on d6. The lama caps it off with a queen trap - the poor girl didn't even get a chance to move off her home square. You don't see that every day!