Common Rook Endings
  • Common Rook Endings

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 14, 2018 17059 Views 8 min
  • Rooks are like cockroaches -- they'll survive under any conditions! But where do they like to crawl in the endgame? Watch and see how to win or draw the four most common rook endings!
Perpetual Check
  • Perpetual Check

  • FM FunMasterMike Aug 17, 2018 22647 Views 8 min
  • It may be impossible to build a perpetual motion machine, but in chess, all things are possible! Watch the learn how you can save a lost position by checking your opponent over and over and over and over and....
Stalemate Tricks
  • Stalemate Tricks

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 16, 2018 31466 Views 9 min
  • So you're completely lost, huh? Wait! Don't resign! There may just be one last trick in the bag. Watch and see how you might be able to save a horrible position, sometimes by sending your pieces over the waterfall!
Opening Traps
  • Opening Traps

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 13, 2018 37325 Views 10 min
  • There are no guarantees in life, but there is in chess! FunMasterMike promises you'll win some chess games just by memorizing these common opening mistakes. Watch and learn six different tricks in 10 minutes!
Space Advantages
  • Space Advantages

  • FM FunMasterMike May 4, 2018 42399 Views 8 min
  • Ready for some space exploration? ChessKid blasts off, showing kids why having more room for your pieces is a good thing, and how to play "slowly" when you enjoy all the space!
  • Prophylaxis

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 19, 2018 32713 Views 7 min
  • One of the biggest words in chess is often carried out by the smallest pieces! Watch how pawns, and other members of your army, can stop your opponent's plans, in a process we call "prophylaxis"!
Mysterious Moves
  • Mysterious Moves

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 29, 2017 35047 Views 8 min
  • Can you play chess detective? Part of being a good chess player is getting inside the head of your opponent, even when "weird" moves are played. Watch and learn how to spot the clues that will help you solve the puzzling positions!
King Of Puzzles: vs GameTheory
  • King Of Puzzles: vs GameTheory

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 18, 2017 56741 Views 6 min
  • FM Mike Klein takes on the third and final King Of Puzzles champion in this video. GameTheory plays some great ideas, but FunMasterMike shows some places he could improve in the classic French Defense.
Judit Polgar's Chess Festival 2016
  • Judit Polgar's Chess Festival 2016

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 2, 2016 46136 Views 9 min
  • The annual U.S.A. vs Hungary match that's part of the Global Chess Festival pits the best ChessKids in these two countries against each other. This year, the U.S.A. team won by only one half-point. FM Mike Klein shows all the tricks and traps at play!
Ways To Draw
  • Ways To Draw

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 9, 2016 41924 Views 9 min
  • There is more than one way to draw in a chess game. FM Mike Klein shows you five ways you can tie in chess, including some you might not have known.
Queen vs Pawn
  • Queen vs Pawn

  • FM FunMasterMike Feb 27, 2016 48928 Views 9 min
  • Hey, ChessKids, did FunMasterMike mess up and set up the board backwards? Nope! It’s just time for another promotion lesson. In this video, FM Mike Klein shows you what happens when one side gets a queen just before the other can promote his pawn. Can the queen win? You’ll have to watch to find out.
The Scotch Game: 4 Knights
  • The Scotch Game: 4 Knights

  • IM Daniel Rensch Aug 5, 2015 36661 Views 11 min
  • Do you want to play an exciting and strong opening? Sure, we all do. IM Danny Rensch shows you a fun and easy opening to play, The Scotch 4 Knights. Learn how the Scotch game can help you immediately challenge the center and complete your development.
The Sicilian
  • The Sicilian

  • IM Daniel Rensch Jul 29, 2015 39246 Views 11 min
  • If you play 1. e4, you'd better learn one of the most popular and aggressive ways Black can respond: the Sicilian Defense. IM Danny Rensch gives you an easy-to-digest overview of the opening, categorizing each variation's basic ideas. Stick around for a bonus lesson on what not to do in this common opening.
When To Trade Pieces: To Defend Yourself!
  • When To Trade Pieces: To Defend Yourself!

  • Amanda Mateer 1 Jun 17, 2015 25578 Views 12 min
  • One of the most important reasons to trade pieces is to defend yourself. In chess, you can't win without protecting your own army, and sometimes trading pieces is the best way to do that. WFM Amanda Mateer gives you a must-watch lesson on trading pieces in self-defense.
The Chess Piece Who Swallowed A Fly: Bonus!
  • The Chess Piece Who Swallowed A Fly: Bonus!

  • IM Daniel Rensch Jun 13, 2015 28442 Views 8 min
  • Are you ready for a bonus video on the chess piece who swallowed a fly? IM Daniel Rensch is back with another look at how your own pieces can block in your chess army - but this time with a twist. Learn when it is OK to "swallow a fly" (in chess, not real life!) when it achieves a greater goal on the 64 squares.
When To Trade Pieces: Remove The Defender!
  • When To Trade Pieces: Remove The Defender!

  • Amanda Mateer 1 Jun 10, 2015 20731 Views 10 min
  • So when should you trade your pieces? WFM Amanda Mateer continues her series with two of her favorite reasons to trade material: to remove a crucial defender, or to create a specific weakness. You must understand these two important ways to gain an winning advantage in chess, so watch closely.
The Italian Game
  • The Italian Game

  • IM Daniel Rensch Jun 6, 2015 39576 Views 10 min
  • IM Daniel Rensch teaches you one of the most fun beginner and intermediate openings, the Italian. Learn the tips and tricks you need to win on both sides of this classic opening. Watch to the end to find out how IM Rensch recommends you play against the smelly Fried Liver Attack.
The Ruy Lopez
  • The Ruy Lopez

  • IM Daniel Rensch May 30, 2015 37867 Views 8 min
  • What are the best chess ideas for students to learn? IM Daniel Rensch compiles the 10 most essential opening concepts for beginning players. Top on the list? The logical Ruy Lopez, a powerful opening played at the highest levels of chess that also packs tremendous teaching value in each one of its moves. Don't let chess stress take you to Crazytown. Watch and enjoy this fun video.