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  • Simplifying

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 14, 2016 60982 Views 10 min
  • Sometimes the key to winning is just knowing how to make things easy! FM Mike Klein shows you how to do just that by giving material back to reach a winning king and pawn ending.
Winning Technique
  • Winning Technique

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 30, 2016 44799 Views 9 min
  • How do you finish off a winning game? The answer is chess technique. FunMasterMike teaches you what that is and how to learn it.
Queen vs Two Rooks
  • Queen vs Two Rooks

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 7, 2016 47938 Views 9 min
  • What wins in chess, one queen, or two rooks? As always, it depends on the position, says FunMasterMike. Learn when the rooks roll over the queen, when the queen rules the rooks, and what to aim for from each side, taking advice from some of the best champions in chess along the way.
Force The Draw
  • Force The Draw

  • FM FunMasterMike May 18, 2016 37357 Views 8 min
  • Do you like to draw? In chess, sometimes a draw is a very good result for a worse position. FM Mike Klein teaches you how to force a draw in this must-see lesson if you’re serious about competing for every last half-point in chess.
Ways To Draw
  • Ways To Draw

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 9, 2016 36216 Views 9 min
  • There is more than one way to draw in a chess game. FM Mike Klein shows you five ways you can tie in chess, including some you might not have known.
Advanced Pawn Breakthroughs
  • Advanced Pawn Breakthroughs

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 2, 2016 35653 Views 10 min
  • Pawns are the soul of chess, so you need to learn a lot about them. FM Mike Klein teaches you about advanced pawn breakthroughs, which you can use to cap off an exciting game and get the win.
More Doubled Pawns
  • More Doubled Pawns

  • FM FunMasterMike Mar 12, 2016 28879 Views 7 min
  • Doubled pawns are usually big weaknesses — and FM Mike Klein tells you why. Learn all about the problems caused by doubled pawns and the rare times they can be OK for you.
Queen vs Pawn
  • Queen vs Pawn

  • FM FunMasterMike Feb 27, 2016 41807 Views 9 min
  • Hey, ChessKids, did FunMasterMike mess up and set up the board backwards? Nope! It’s just time for another promotion lesson. In this video, FM Mike Klein shows you what happens when one side gets a queen just before the other can promote his pawn. Can the queen win? You’ll have to watch to find out.
More On Isolated Pawns
  • More On Isolated Pawns

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 30, 2016 29457 Views 8 min
  • Isolated pawns are a very important part of chess strategy, and FM Mike Klein is here to teach you everything you need to know about these pawns without neighbors on either file. While isolated pawns can lead to some exciting attacks in the middlegame, they are often big weaknesses later in the game, and FunMasterMike explains exactly how to destroy them. Learn why you should usually avoid these isolated pawn structures, and the exception to this rule.
Pawn Breakthroughs On The Wing
  • Pawn Breakthroughs On The Wing

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 16, 2016 24074 Views 8 min
  • What’s the best place to break your pawns through to the end of the board? The wing, says FM Mike Klein. it’s so valuable to get a pawn to score a touchdown, it’s worth giving some other pawns away — and often this is the key to victory. Can you solve the tricky — and the most famous — beginners’ pawn endgame puzzle? Find out in this fun lesson.
King Activity
  • King Activity

  • FM FunMasterMike Oct 3, 2015 27144 Views 7 min
  • Most of the time, your king has to hide away safely. But in the endgame, the king becomes a fierce warrior on his own. FM Mike Klein shows you the awesome power of an active king late in the game.
Strong And Weak Pawns
  • Strong And Weak Pawns

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 23, 2015 32400 Views 7 min
  • When is a pawn a super hero? FunMasterMike shows you three ways that pawns can be as strong as any piece on the board. But the fun doesn't end there. FM Klein also teaches you the exact opposite, when pawns are weaklings. Watch this video to make sure your pawns are as powerful as they can be.
Tactics: Zugzwang!
  • Tactics: Zugzwang!

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 12, 2015 38565 Views 8 min
  • What happens in chess when you have no good moves? It's called zugzwang, and it's an important part of many endgames. FunMasterMike shows you a bunch of positions where all the options are yucky in this fun lesson. Learn how to use zugzwang to checkmate your opponent!
  • Attraction

  • FM FunMasterMike Aug 29, 2015 24718 Views 8 min
  • Have you ever seen bugs attracted to a light outside in the summer? If you have, you can understand attraction on the chessboard. FM Mike Klein explains this powerful idea, and how you can use attraction to make some crazy tactics you might not even believe. Make sure you watch to the end to see one of the hardest problems FunMasterMike has ever assigned.
The Great Pawn Race
  • The Great Pawn Race

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 24, 2015 43517 Views 9 min
  • Are you ready for a race? FM Mike Klein gives you a fun lesson on pawn races, which are the key to many important endgames. Learn how to know if you're winning or losing the race, and when a special trick can change the result - just like in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer."
King To King Opposition
  • King To King Opposition

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 1, 2015 29422 Views 9 min
  • What happens when two kings face off? It's opposition. FM Mike Klein explains the opposition, one of the most important endgame concepts in all of chess. Learn how to use your king to control critical squares and help a pawn promote - all with this one idea, the opposition.
CompleteTent: The Comeback King
  • CompleteTent: The Comeback King

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 8, 2015 22165 Views 7 min
  • One of the best qualities to have as a chess player is never giving up. Here FM Mike Klein shows you how one ChessKid made a courageous comeback in the endgame that you don't want to miss. Learn how to fight on when the odds are stacked against you and save a game.
Special Pawn Moves
  • Special Pawn Moves

  • FM FunMasterMike Mar 28, 2015 30866 Views 8 min
  • Pawns are the most common chess piece, but did you know they also have some very special moves? FM Mike Klein explains everything you need to know about promotion and en passant, two exciting rules you need to know about. If you've ever wondered what happens when a pawn reaches the end of the board, this video is for you.
Endgame Special! Your Games Analyzed –- Show 17, Part 1
  • Endgame Special! Your Games Analyzed –- Show 17, Part 1

  • ChessKidTV Jan 8, 2015 9058 Views 32 min
  • FM Mike Klein analyzes member games in part one of a show originally broadcast live on September 18, 2014. Hope you like endgames, ChessKids, because FM Mike Klein is making this show an endgame special. After warming up with two easy puzzles, FM Klein dives into the seriously fun business of endgame analysis. When you’re done watching, try a match vs. the ChessKid computer in a two-bishop mate.