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Judit Polgar's Chess Festival 2016
  • Judit Polgar's Chess Festival 2016

  • FM FunMasterMike Nov 2, 2016 40871 Views 9 min
  • The annual U.S.A. vs Hungary match that's part of the Global Chess Festival pits the best ChessKids in these two countries against each other. This year, the U.S.A. team won by only one half-point. FM Mike Klein shows all the tricks and traps at play!
Queen vs Two Rooks
  • Queen vs Two Rooks

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 7, 2016 48790 Views 9 min
  • What wins in chess, one queen, or two rooks? As always, it depends on the position, says FunMasterMike. Learn when the rooks roll over the queen, when the queen rules the rooks, and what to aim for from each side, taking advice from some of the best champions in chess along the way.
Building A Fortress
  • Building A Fortress

  • FM FunMasterMike Jul 13, 2016 62932 Views 11 min
  • You usually want to make your pieces as active as possible, with lots to do, but sometimes the best plan is for them to do...nothing. How can this be? FunMasterMike explains the important concept of fortresses on the chessboard: what they are, how to set them up, and why you would want to use them.
7th Rank Power: Rooks in the Endgame
  • 7th Rank Power: Rooks in the Endgame

  • GM Simon Williams 1 Feb 6, 2016 23296 Views 8 min
  • Where is the best place you can put your rook in a game of chess? Usually, it’s on the seventh (or second) rank, where the rook is a real monster, says GM Simon Williams in his latest lesson. The rook only realizes its full power in the endgame when you put it on this ideal row, where it gobbles up pawns and restricts the enemy king.
More On Isolated Pawns
  • More On Isolated Pawns

  • FM FunMasterMike Jan 30, 2016 30537 Views 8 min
  • Isolated pawns are a very important part of chess strategy, and FM Mike Klein is here to teach you everything you need to know about these pawns without neighbors on either file. While isolated pawns can lead to some exciting attacks in the middlegame, they are often big weaknesses later in the game, and FunMasterMike explains exactly how to destroy them. Learn why you should usually avoid these isolated pawn structures, and the exception to this rule.
King Of Puzzles: vs HulkingHunter
  • King Of Puzzles: vs HulkingHunter

  • FM FunMasterMike Dec 12, 2015 26637 Views 8 min
  • FM Mike Klein is back with the second game against a ChessKid puzzles contest winner, this time taking on HulkingHunter in a Russian Game. Learn how FunMasterMike pried open the center of the board to reach a great endgame very quickly. This game is all about solid technique, so be sure to pay attention. Don’t forget to try out the ChessKid puzzles yourself in the related links.
Tactics: Zugzwang!
  • Tactics: Zugzwang!

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 12, 2015 39544 Views 8 min
  • What happens in chess when you have no good moves? It's called zugzwang, and it's an important part of many endgames. FunMasterMike shows you a bunch of positions where all the options are yucky in this fun lesson. Learn how to use zugzwang to checkmate your opponent!
Open Files
  • Open Files

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 5, 2015 24857 Views 9 min
  • Hope you like rooks, because this video is all about them. What do rooks hate more than anything else? Pawns! They block in the powerful pieces, and sometimes the rooks will eat pawns just like Pac-Man. Find out where to put your rooks to make them the happiest in this fun lesson by FM Mike Klein.
King And Rook Mate!
  • King And Rook Mate!

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 3, 2015 31414 Views 7 min
  • Checkmating with a king and rook against a lone king is one of those basic checkmates every chess player must know by heart. FM Mike Klein explains exactly how to do this mate, teaching you every move you need to win the game.
CompleteTent: The Comeback King
  • CompleteTent: The Comeback King

  • FM FunMasterMike Apr 8, 2015 22567 Views 7 min
  • One of the best qualities to have as a chess player is never giving up. Here FM Mike Klein shows you how one ChessKid made a courageous comeback in the endgame that you don't want to miss. Learn how to fight on when the odds are stacked against you and save a game.
Watch Out For Rook vs Passed Pawns!
  • Watch Out For Rook vs Passed Pawns!

  • FM Todd Andrews 2 Dec 20, 2014 18894 Views 6 min
  • When do a couple of connected passed pawns beat a rook? When they reach the sixth rank! FM MusicCityMaster shows you the critical positions you need to know in this common endgame theme. When you're done, try to play a pawn-only endgame against the computer in the related links.
Exchange Sacrifices: Knight Dominates Rook!
  • Exchange Sacrifices: Knight Dominates Rook!

  • FM FunMasterMike Jun 10, 2014 16821 Views 7 min
  • When is a knight better than a rook? When the rook can't find any open files on the map, that's a good bet the knight is better! Watch as FunMasterMike divulges the secrets to Exchange sacrifices, and explains why you shouldn't turn off the faucet. Well, you should when you're brushing your teeth, but not when you're analyzing. Confused? Watch and all will be explained!
Your Games Analyzed!  Show 9 - Part 2
  • Your Games Analyzed! Show 9 - Part 2

  • ChessKidTV Mar 13, 2014 2700 Views 28 min
  • In part two of Your Games Analyzed, you'll see the super-complicated Wilkes-Barre (Traxler) Gambit, you'll see a king walk across the board to help his bishop give mate, and you'll hear when FunMasterMike says it is OK to disobey your teacher! What could this all mean? It means you have to watch these three games to understand!
ThirstyDonkey Knows How to Finish!
  • ThirstyDonkey Knows How to Finish!

  • FM FunMasterMike Mar 4, 2014 7832 Views 12 min
  • Six-year-olds sometimes can barely tie their shoelaces. Can a first grader possess grandmaster endgame knowledge? The ThirstyDonkey is proof that it is possible! Watch and see two fantastic endgame wins from the K-12 Nationals. This little guy has an amazing will to win, even when he gets behind in material. Today it's all about active pieces and protected passed pawns!
Keeping the Tempo: And in the End - Part 1
  • Keeping the Tempo: And in the End - Part 1

  • ChessKidTV Feb 3, 2014 2872 Views 36 min
  • Everything you ever needed to know about king and one pawn versus king! Literally, everything! You have to get down cold chesskids so you'll be able to beat those high-rated players after you snatch and pawn and trade into the endgame. Later, you'll see a famous chess "study" - the solution is always beautiful and there's a trick or two you have to avoid. Warning: one of the seldom-used rules of chess will become important, but which one?
Your Games Analyzed!  Show 5 - Part 2
  • Your Games Analyzed! Show 5 - Part 2

  • ChessKidTV Jan 9, 2014 2261 Views 27 min
  • The final two games from Your Games Analyzed. You'll learn about a really common mistake in developing the king's bishop in the Sicilian, and FunMasterMike ends with common themes in rook-and-pawn endings. Above all - go for activity, and don't worry as much about one or two pawns. Two active rooks more than compensates for a pawn deficit. Watch and see what he's talking about.
Keeping the Tempo: Break 'Em Down! - Part 2
  • Keeping the Tempo: Break 'Em Down! - Part 2

  • ChessKidTV Dec 19, 2013 2764 Views 38 min
  • If a giant airplane wing could be a pawn structure, then you'll see it here today. The MusicCityMaster's second part of his show has some crazy "V" formation of pawns, and you'll see how to use them to strangle your opponent. You'll also learn how to break through a "mini-V", better known as the Stonewall pawn formation. Watch and learn!
Your Games Analyzed!  Show 3 - Part 2
  • Your Games Analyzed! Show 3 - Part 2

  • ChessKidTV Nov 14, 2013 2482 Views 28 min
  • In the second part of FunMasterMike's show, you'll see two more games played by ChessKids. You'll also see his first-ever "Endgame of the Week" in which you'll learn basic kind and pawn, as well as rook and pawn, techniques.
Tactics From the Tournament Trail! - Part 2
  • Tactics From the Tournament Trail! - Part 2

  • GM Ben Finegold 1 Oct 17, 2013 5699 Views 10 min
  • Benzoo is back with a two-part special, although both positions are from the same game. First he shows off an unbelievable sacrifice that he missed. It would have led to a fork of four pieces - you don't see that every day! Then, in the endgame, his opponent had a 50/50 chance of drawing, but lost the coin flip and learned a lesson about getting tired in the endgame. As Benzoo says, "The person who makes the last mistake, usually loses!"
When They Were Chess Kids: Levon Aronian
  • When They Were Chess Kids: Levon Aronian

  • FM FunMasterMike Sep 16, 2013 10717 Views 8 min
  • FunMasterMike is back, showing the great games of grandmasters when they were only ChessKids. Today the number two player in the world, Levon Aronian, is featured. In addition to being a really nice guy (you can ask for his autograph anytime!) he is a great tactician and endgame player. Watch and see that nice guys sometimes do finish first!
Zugzwang: Funny Name, Bad Situation!
  • Zugzwang: Funny Name, Bad Situation!

  • GM Ben Finegold 1 Aug 2, 2013 8838 Views 6 min
  • GM Benzoo shows you what happens when you are in a pickle - you have to move, even though you don't want to. This is called "zugzwang" and while you'd like to pass, you aren't allowed to in chess! He even shows an example of "mutual zugzwang" that he just learned from former World Champion GM Garry Kasparov!