What is ChessKid?

ChessKid is Fun!

Empower children to learn the timeless game of Chess on the world’s #1 Chess site for kids! Our learning tools will keep kids motivated to learn and improve their Chess skills. More importantly, learning Chess will give them skills that they can take with them throughout life: strategy, tactics, creativity, perseverance and calculated risk-taking.

A variety of learning tools, puzzles and real-time Chess against our computer robots or other humans, provide brain-stimulating challenges and hours of entertainment to kids, even through the natural growing pains of learning the demanding game of Chess.

ChessKid boasts a fully curated curriculum, video content and a Level Progression system keeps kids hungry to learn and motivated to keep improving and moving up. So whether your kid is an eager Knight or an experienced Queen, you will notice immediate differences in their over-the-board quality and game results!

The game of Chess is a timeless game that will give your child a lifetime of benefits. Give your child the gift of Chess.

ChessKid helped me a lot when I was learning. The videos were funny and I learned a lot from them! ChessKid is THE reason I started playing Chess. You should sign up!

-- Rowan, ChessKid


ChessKid helped me improve so that I could beat my dad! It helped my sister and me meet our goal of qualifying for the World Youth Championship, where I tied for fourth place!

-- Joaquin, ChessKid


I feel like Chess could take us anywhere. But it’s not about where it takes us... it is how far it takes us!

-- Rebekah, ChessKid


ChessKid is designed as an educational tool to make learning chess FUN! If you do not believe us, just ask these guys!

ChessKid is Smart!

Research shows that Chess improves academic performance!

So whether you’re a parent looking to enrich your child’s life with the Royal Game, a teacher motivated to start a Chess program in a school, or a Coach looking for unparalleled Chess student management tools, ChessKid is your comprehensive Chess resource!

And teachers, we offer a Chess curriculum that aligns with Common Core standards. This comprehensive lesson plan is usable for traditional classroom environments or homeschools. And did we mention, it is completely free?

So whether you’re a parent looking to enrich your child’s life, a teacher motivated to start a Chess program at your school, or a coach looking for unparalleled Chess student management tools, ChessKid gives you everything you need to get your kids into high gear!


ChessKid is a great resource for educators looking to use chess to introduce and reinforce literacy, math, critical thinking, and life skills.

— Jerry Nash, Founder, Chess2Learn, National Chess Education Consultant

What sets ChessKid apart from other online chess resources? It is designed from the ground up to be a learning platform. All of the tools are simple, safe, and FUN!

-- Noel Newquist, Art teacher and chess sponsor, Heritage Elementary School

ChessKid is Safe!

ChessKid is a safe place for kids (and adults!) to come and enjoy Chess with people from all over the world

Privacy management tools, friendly in-game emotes, and a controlled playing environment ensure that kids learn in a wholesome, friendly and bully-free environment. Kids can play other kids, but their interaction with adults is strictly limited to their immediate parent or club administrators. Peace of mind for you, fun for kids!

For more information on our comprehensive safety and privacy policies, click here.


ChessKid makes this a fun experience! It holds your hand through the initial learning phase and takes you through the more advanced planning and strategy... and actively helps players cultivate their chess life and all the life lessons that go with the royal game

-- Beena Chopade, Chess Mom

I cannot beat my second grader. This does not sadden me or make me feel ashamed. It fills me with pride and is a testament to the benefits of ChessKid and a strong school Chess program.

-- Bradley Wallace, Chess Dad