The Scintillating Skewer

David Petty 1 Apr 29, 2011 9545 reads
This is a quick guide to a video series.

This series focuses on a rare, but still very important chess tactic: the skewer, in which a valuable piece is attacked, and when it moves away, a less valuable piece behind it is exposed to attack. After defining what a skewer is, and how it differs from a pin, the series focuses on giving the student practice finding first one and then two move skewers through a sequence of puzzles, and how to be alert to potential target lines upon which a skewer is likely to be possible.

This series assumes that the student has already watch the Piercing Pin Series through the eighth video. 

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The Scintillating Skewer 1: What is a Skewer? - If you liked Piercing Pins, then you'll love the Scintillating Skewer! Skewers are very similar to pins, but they are their own kind of exotic animal. Tune in to find out just what a Skewer is, and start making them in your own games! 

The Scintillating Skewer 2: Simple Skewers - It's time for practice! If you like Skewers, and think you're up for the challenge, then watch this video and match your wits against puzzle after puzzle as you skewer your way to victory! 

The Scintillating Skewer 3: Finding Target Lines - In this installment of the Scintillating Skewer, IM David Pruess shows us that sometimes an opponent has soooo many expensive pieces on one line, that avoiding an incoming skewer becomes impossible. 

The Scintillating Skewer 4: Two Move Skewers - In this video we practice not just how to spot simple one move Skewers, but to be alert to hidden possibilities and how to set up tricky two move Skewers using the clever Decoy tactic. 

The Scintillating Skewer 5: Trap that Queen! - In the final Scintillating Skewer video, the PinkHamster shows us an amazing endgame study, a position in which white is able to trap black's queen - the most mobile chess piece - using a cornucopia of brilliant skewers. No matter where she tries to run...she's done for! If you want to appreciate the power of the skewer, definitely watch this video, and watch the Skewer Scintillate! 

Well! After watching the entire series, the student should have a firm grasp of what a skewer is, and how to recognize potential target lines on which a skewer might be possible. If your student enjoyed this series, the perfect place to point them to next is The Devious Discovery series.

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