Go Back to School with ChessKid!

The back-to-school season is officially here! ChessKid is excited to help you prepare for an extraordinary educational experience. 

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Back-to-School:

For Kids: Get Mastermind Maneuvers on ChessKid

1. Set Chess Goals

In addition to having educational goals, it's great to have chess goals too! Get started with our Chess Goals Checklist

Explore our list of curated chess goals and set your own! Download and print.

Set goals! These are a few example chess goals you can aim to achieve during the school year.

Set goals you want to accomplish by the end of the school year. Define your objectives, from mastering new openings to playing in virtual tournaments and crushing endgame strategies. Make this year about growing your chess skills!

2. Play Against New Zoo Crew Chess Bots!

Immerse yourself in the world of chess with these delightful bots, specifically designed for players within the 200-800 skill range. Their friendly tactics and adorable personalities will make learning chess rewarding and entertaining!

Play six new animal chess bots on ChessKid.com!

Get to know cuddly creatures and their fun personalities!

3. Watch Exclusive Magnus Moments

Get motivated to level up with Magnus Moments! Get expert advice and tips from the highest-ranked chess player in the world, GM Magnus Carlsen. Experience the thrill of learning with your fellow chess enthusiasts. 

Receive and watch weekly exclusive Magnus Moments videos through your ChessKid email this fall.

4. Play in a Blitz Contest

What better way to grow your knowledge and strengthen your chess skills than to play fast chess! Practice your rapid battles in ChessKid's 2023 Back-to-School Blitz Contest starting September 1, 2023.


Note: The contest ends on September 30, 2023, at 12 a.m. Pacific.

Enter for a chance to play against FunMasterMike and win ChessKid merch! You must join the ChessKid Official Club to participate.

5. Beat FunMasterMike + LIVE Tour of ChessKid

The FunMaster will be hosting a special 'Beat FunMasterMike' episode in September. Join the exclusive back-to-school live-stream event as FunMasterMike accepts challenges and gives a tour of all new ChessKid features, resources, and fun activities. Look out for surprise guest appearances on Chess.com/TV or twitch.tv/chesskid

For Parents: Nurture Growth and Wisdom with Chess 

1. Unlock Gold Membership Benefits

Empower your child's learning journey with ChessKid Gold! Get 20% off a new 1-year ChessKid Gold Membership and get unlimited access to the site and all educational features. 

Gold BONUS: When you upgrade a kid account, you will also get your own FREE Gold parent account too! It's never too late to learn chess or advance your skills.

Chess membership sale: Get ChessKid Gold!

2. Chess Coaching With Magnus Chess Academy

We've teamed up with Magnus Chess Academy to offer live small-group lessons with experienced chess coaches. Find out more at ChessKid Coaching, or  Join Magnus Chess Academy today.  Academy membership includes GOLD level membership on the ChessKid site. 

3. Download Your Own Chess Checklist

Share the joy of setting achievable goals with your child. Explore our downloadable Checklist for Parents and embark on a journey of growth together. 

ChessKid back-to-school checklist for parents.

4.ChessKid Shop

Shop using codes to save on Chess items

Explore chess merchandise at ChessKidShop.com and enjoy fantastic savings using our Back-to-School Discount codes:

Use "SCHOOLFUN10" to save $10 on orders over $50.00.
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5. Parent Resources

ChessKid is here to support you and your child's chess journey. Access a variety of chess resources and learning materials to foster your child's growth, from infographics to eBooks. Enhance their knowledge and enjoyment of learning the game with fun printable chess activities! 

Download ChessKid's Parent Survival Ebook.


For Teachers and Coaches: Elevate Your Chess Education

1. Download our Chess Checklist for Educators

Create a harmonious and enriching learning environment by implementing chess into your classroom this year. Explore our downloadable Checklist for Teachers filled with ways to help integrate chess into your class and school.

ChessKid back-to-school checklist for teachers and coaches.

2. Participate in our Upcoming Webinars in English and Spanish

ChessKid will be hosting a webinar to announce our new Live Classroom feature. Pick up insights, lessons, and strategies on how to best utilize ChessKid's chess curriculum to enhance your classroom. Date TBA.

3. Check Out the New Live Classroom Tool!

ChessKid's Live Classroom tool will be available for beta testing in September!

With this new feature, educators and coaches can effortlessly conduct online classes right within the site. You'll have the power to invite students, set up games, and ensure a seamless teaching experience. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to simplified online learning! See the how to use article here.


4. Explore Resources for Teaching

ChessKid is here to support teachers and chess coaches. Our goal is to provide the resources you need to teach chess at any skill level. Whether you have zero chess knowledge or are an experienced player, ChessKid has the tools to help you successfully teach the game, including a how-to-teach chess guide and lesson planner.

Download ChessKid's FREE Chess Curriculum.


5. Apply for Chess Grants

Discover opportunities for grants to support chess programs at your school. Expand the impact of chess education with financial assistance. 

Apply for a ChessKid Chess Grant.